Thursday, August 13, 2015

Radio punks: New doco covers the history of NZ student radio

RADIO PUNKS (Prime promo 1) from Paul Casserly on Vimeo.

Via Aeroplane: "August the 18th sees Prime TV broadcast a new documentary entitled 'Radio Punks' - an insightful and entertaining look at the history of student radio in New Zealand.

Directed by Paul Casserly (Eating Media Lunch, Birdland) and presented by Jeremy Wells, the renegade history and rebel spirit of student radio is recounted by some of the people involved, including John Campbell, Mikey Havoc, Jude Anaru, Marcus Lush, Roy Torlesse and including all the B Net stations such as bFM, RDU, Active, Contact, Control/Massey, Radio One."

'Radio Punks' : August 18th 8.30pm on Prime.

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