Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Marbecks 80th birthday

Murray Marbeck and Hayden Marbeck. Via Marbecks Facebook pg

Following on from Real Groovy's recent 33 and a third birthday (go read Alan Perrott's great piece on Real Groovy's history here), Marbecks are celebrating their 80th birthday.

Current owner Roger Marbeck, writes that "This month is a landmark for Marbecks and our family - it's our 80th year in the Queens Arcade as music retailers. My Grandfather Alfie had a saying of "well, bless my soul" when he found something miraculous or new.

I feel he would have said that many times over the past 40 years as we have ridden the changes in the music world and with technology, but the one thing that has never changed is the passion for music which we all share, and so it is you the customer we must thank for enabling us to still be here and still enjoying each day with music."

Roger Marbeck sold the family business to The CD and DVD Store in 2006; they rebranded their stores as Marbecks, but eventually ended up shutting most of them down or switching them to cafes, and sadly announced in Nov 2012 they were closing Marbecks' original Queens Arcade store, in March 2013.

Roger Marbeck bought back the business in April 2013, and it has since expanded from a small space in the Arcade back to the previous area of Marbecks pop/rock store, along with gaining music distributors Rhythm Method as co-tenants of that space.

Marbecks have also just announced a pop-up store in the arcade for the next four weeks, with CDs from $5. Happy birthday.

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