Monday, May 19, 2014

New Dubmatix album

"In Dub celebrates 10 years of Dubmatix. Since the debut release of "Champion Sound Clash" in 2004, Dubmatix has released 6 “official” CD releases, many digital albums, EPs and remixes. In Dub returns to his roots and passion for Dub and all of it’s possibilities.

It includes a few tracks only available on a couple compilations several years back, but never officially included on a Dubmatix release. A couple were free downloads but have since been re-worked into fresh updated versions of their former selves and of coarse, many new tracks.

From heavy bass-driven stepper tunes such as Dub Steppa, Into Battle Dub to the equally heavy but roots dub focused Galactical Dub, Magnetic Dub, 007 Dub to the future or electro-sound of Circus Maximus Dub, 16 Stone Dub and Mad Massa Gana Dub – no matter your dub preference, each has been crafted to take you, the listener, on a journey of dub exploration."

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