Monday, May 19, 2014

Kiwi albums reissued, exhibited

Via Audioculture: "Here's a rather awesome New Zealand Music Month event. As of Tuesday morning some 150 classic New Zealand album covers are on the walls of the Tyler Street Garage in Auckland's Britomart, and they will stay up until May 31.

It's called Tied To The Tracks, after a Shona Laing album that has been unavailable for some 34 years and NEVER on digital - until now.

Why? To celebrate the digital rerelease of some 200 unavailable New Zealand albums, many of which have been out of print for decades - that's why. Some go back to 1960 and they span the decades thereafter.

Over the past two years or more, Recorded Music New Zealand has worked with record labels to remaster and reissue these records, putting them up on iTunes and Spotify. We're also embedding all of them in our profiles on AudioCulture.

An amazing visual feast, if you are in Auckland and have an interest in our musical past, it's a must do."

NZ Herald reports "Around 500 albums from across the popular music spectrum will be digitised by the time the project is finished, said Chris Caddick, board chair of Recorded Music New Zealand. "We have so many talented artists throughout New Zealand's music history who for a long time have been in no mans land because they were available only on a physical recording", Caddick said.

Hats off to Chris Caddick and co for working on getting these albums back out, in digital form.

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