Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Xiomara - Electric Relaxation (ATCQ: A Tribute)

Amerigo Gazaway Presents: ATCO: A Tribute from Berkeley's own, Xiomara.

"Gazaway first got hip to Xiomara in 2012 via the vocalist's bare-bone soulful acoustic cover of Outkast’s “So Fresh, So Clean." "It was like love at first listen. Given my affinity for re-imagining classic material with a new and distinct twist, I was blown away by her voice and the sheer creativity of taking an Outkast favorite in the direction she took it with an entirely new flavor."

 On “Electric Relaxation", the project's first and only single (side B includes a new revamped version of the "So Fresh, So Clean" cover), Xiomara flips the ATCQ classic on its head. Interchanging lyrics and melodies through sultry blues-infused vocals, the singer successfully turns up the sexy on the 1994 classic.

Grab the free download of “Electric Relaxation” along with the revamped version of the singer's “So Fresh, So Clean” cover below."

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