Thursday, January 09, 2014

MUDD at Golden Dawn

UK DJ Paul Murphy aka MUDD is in town this weekend, DJing at Golden Dawn with the Maximum Joy crew, Longboss and Mr Powers (Scott Towers of Fat Freddys Drop). 8pm kickoff, $5. His label Claremont 56 has done some interesting releases, including Holger Czukay (ex Can)...

from a Q&A with Murphy, over at

How did you hook up with Holger, and how much stuff is there still to be released? Is he still making new music?

I saw Holger perform at the Roundhouse and he played a version of “Ode to Perfume” that I`d never heard before. I emailed him and we ended up releasing it on a 10″. Slowly over time the trust built up and he invited Ben and I over. He’s an incredible man. We still have two 12s of remixes of his old stuff to come out and we’re working on the Bison album together. He still has lots of new music to release, maybe 3 albums worth, which we will hopefully be releasing soon.

LISTEN: Holger Czukay & U-She - La Premiere (Mudd's Garden Mix) on Soundcloud

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