Thursday, October 24, 2013

One less Lady

Lady dropped their gorgeous debut album back in March, on NYC label Truth and Soul - the duo of Nicole Wray and Terri Walker made for a sweet soul combination. They set out touring to promote the album, alongside label mates Lee Fields and the Expressions. They've recently released a remix ep of their tune Good Lovin, with mixes by DJ Spinna, T&S, Ticklah and Oh No.

But at some point mid-year Terri Walker quietly dropped out of the band and returned to her solo career. I noticed this recently when I saw that the social media posts on Twitter and Instagram only featured pics of Nicole. The label updated the artist page for Lady on their website to remove all mentions of Terri. It was like her contribution to the album got wiped, even tho its audibly there for all to hear. Weird. So, what happened?

Nicole Wray has just done an interview with Wax Poetics, where she talks about Terri's departure, and plans for a new album... excerpt below...

When exactly did the split happen?

I want to say it happened maybe four or five months ago. We really didn’t say anything about it because we were kind of hoping that we could keep it going, but unfortunately things happen in the world and in our lives and we gotta keep it moving.

You said that you and Terri never set out to do Lady forever. So you kind of knew this would happen eventually?

No, we did not set out to do this forever. We’d done a lot of interviews and we were excited, but, honestly, she knew I had my own thing going and I knew she had her own thing going. Eventually, I’m sure, one of us was going to take off and do some other things outside of Lady, and that’s what happened....

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
I just want to let them know I thank them for their support even through the ups and downs that we’ve had this year with Terri leaving and me staying on-board. I appreciate it. We—our label and management—didn’t send out a press release saying anything. We just tried to go really smooth. But I do realize that we have to talk about it, because people want to know. I want fans to keep their ears and eyes open, because we’re coming and this next album is going to be super exciting, and the sound is going to change a little bit.

Before I wrap up, you said that your team didn’t release a press release about Terri leaving. Was it because you were uncomfortable talking about it?
I think we all were uncomfortable. I think at the time that it happened, everybody was like, “Oh my God, what are we going to do?” because we’re kind of in the middle of things. It wasn’t a panic, but I think we were just trying to roll with the punches, as it was a new group. I think both of us have diehard fans regardless of if we stay together or part, and I don’t think that we really wanted to entertain a bunch of drama for no reason. So instead of a press release, I would just talk to people who would interview me and ask me about it and move forward.

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Anonymous said...

Stink to hear but good to see its all good terms & that they will continue to make the music. A bit more from the 2 would have been dope though.

Cheers for posting.