Wednesday, May 15, 2013

These moments

This young cat Aleos (aka 21-year old Leo Shulman)  is originally from the UK and is now studying jazz guitar in New York. This is his debut EP, and it's delightfully fruity. One of the tags he's put on it is 'wonky wonky hiphop' which is close. This EP is up as pay what you want.

Reapeatbutton described it as "A language of electronic colloquialisms, soft accents and harmonious tones so soothing I want them to read me bedtime stories ... With no loose ends to tie, Moments is every bit the product of a producer with focussed determination and total control over his tools. Although you can hear his influences (this EP would sit nicely in theBrainfeeder catalogue), at no point do Shulman’s ideas sound recycled or borrowed."


Jacob Zagha said...

That's my Leo man. I love you bro. Keep up the min-melting jams. I hope people give you some meaningful contributions to help get some new equip. Love you brother. - Jake Z

Jacob Zagha said...

Keep it up Leo. I love you like a brother, G. I can't wait for some more mind-melting jams to relax to in the whip. - Jake Z