Tuesday, May 14, 2013

RIP Teina Winau

Very sad news, Teina Winau played bass with Unity Pacific, led by Tigi Ness - they had played together for many years, going back to the 12 Tribes of Israel band in the 1980s. Later that decade he was in Mana, alongside ex-Herbs members Carl Perkins and Spencer Fusimalohi, and John Chong-Nee on keys.

I saw DJ Dubhead mention on FB that "I have just received confirmation this morning that Teina Winau AKA Tuba Dan has passed away. Not only one of the best bassies in Aotearoa, but a truly honourable and gentle soul. Sometimes you just click with certain people and there is no need to say much or talk often. This man is going to be greatly missed by a whole lot of people. Rest In Peace Brother Teina."

ADDED I hear  via FB a family service for Teina is on Thursday 16 May at Mangere Polynesia Centre, Bader Drive at 7pm. The funeral is at 11am on Friday 17 May at the Presbyterian Church in Mangere. The funeral service has now been moved to the church on the corner of Grey's Ave and Onehunga Mall Rd, Onehunga , Friday 17 May at 11am

photo: Unity Pacific's Myspace

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