Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Losing you

Blood Orange (Dev Hynes) was featured a few issues back in Wax Poetics (issue #50). He's behind the very cool latest single from Solange Knowles (hat tip to Andrew Tidball for the link). It's off an EP called True, by Solange, that dropped 27 November worldwide on digital, the single is out on 12" vinyl.

Hynes (via his Tumblr): "I spoke to Maureen Seaberg of Psychology Today about my synesthesia, compositional techniques, and future projects. Click here to read the interview."

The Guardian (iv from Aug 2011): From Lightspeed Champion to Blood Orange, the many lives of Dev Hynes. And more recently, from The Guardian... Solange Knowles: Dev Hynes's beats suit my stubbornness but I'm no hipster

From Blood Orange's Tumblr, go Solange!

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