Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jason Kerrison and end of the world

Jason Kerrison. Photo: Peter Meecham/Fairfax NZ

The NZ Herald recently had an article featuring comment from Opshop's Jason Kerrison, titled Ending the world on a high note, by Susan Edmunds and Andy Pickering, just caught up on this. Apparently Kerrison was unhappy with how he was represented in the article, and published his full email reply to Andy Pickering's questions on Facebook...

"It's a pity @thenzherald has become a second rate sensationalist magazine that doesn't actually report it's interviewees opinions. Here's what I actually sent to @andypickering in response to his questions.
(Pls excuse bad grammar and mistakes Etc...was never my strongpoint)..."

Read Jason's full answers here..."Talk of an ‘Ark’ was initially to pique the interest of the media to discuss the broader matters at hand around the 2012 phenomena, some of which I’ve raised in answering earlier questions..."

For more on that, in January 2010 Woman's Day ran an article titled "Opshop's Jason: Why I'm building a real ark!" Read about it at The Corner.

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