Monday, May 21, 2012

Vinyl comeback: Charlottesville edition

Vinyl Records Making a Rapid Comeback from Charlottesville, Virginia

Vinyl Record Gaining Popularity, from WHSV, Staunton, Virginia (40 miles from Charlottesville) features on magazine seven-inch:
"It would be interesting to know whether the supposed vinyl revival is resulting in an increase in the sale of record players and styluses, or are the cool kids actually downloading the tracks to their iPhones and then just staring at the black plastic lovingly in a “wow, remember the days of vinyl; no, actually I was born in 1994″ kind of way.

Budweiser is running ‘vinyl adverts’ in various Brazilian magazines which, if you tear out the page and plonk it on your record player, will play’s new song ‘Great Times’...."

Warning: this clip contains musical traces of Black Eyed Peas. Exposure may make you infertile/impotent/insane/incredibly ill. Watch at your own risk.

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