Monday, April 02, 2012


Recent post on Andrew Schmidt's Mysterex blog... "Rip It Up and Start Again - Writing New Zealand Music History in 2012"  - cheers for the kind words.

"... Dub Dot Dash has marshalled a similar gathering of media around its interest area – urban dance related forms – but has always had the inclusive internationalist focus needed and isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions when necessary. Actual music journalism goes on here.

There is also a lot of community reassertion happening through sites such as Christchurch Punks on Facebook and the HTown Wiki.

In printed media, Volume is bringing a lot of reminisce into its pages, as is NZ Musician and Rip It Up, who have been doing it for a while, but again, this is not history, it is the stuff used to write history."


Anonymous said...

Hey what happened to the Mysterex blog anyway ????

Peter McLennan said...

Not sure - Andrew did take it down a year or so ago then reinstated it. Seems to have gone again, which is sad

Peter McLennan said...

Did some digging, I understand Andrew will be reworking/repurposing the Mysterex content for Audioculture, the nz music history website launching in June