Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Kim Fowley profiled

Kim Fowley in Auckland 1979. From Kim's Myspace.
Recall it was in RIU, so probably shot by Murray Cammick

From the LA Times. Fowley had a brief spell in NZ in the late 1970s, trying to make hits. He worked with the band Street Talk, recording their self-titled debut LP at Mandrill Studio.

The late Ian Morris describes the band on his site like this: "Streettalk were a pure blues band in the mid-late 1970s, so it was something of a surprise in 1981 when mad rock svengali Kim Fowley came to NZ at the behest of WEA head honcho Tim Murdoch to produce this slice of Springsteen-esque melodrama. Bemusement would probably be the best way to describe the band's reaction to the whole process."

LA Times: "Kim Fowley pulls DVDs, fliers, CDs, a hospital admission slip and more DVDs out of a jumble of media on the mixing board of a drab Hollywood strip-mall studio. Per usual, the infamous pop schlockmeister has a beautiful young woman by his side. Fowley wants to transform Snow Mercy, a scientist-turned-dominatrix/performance artist, into his latest star. But he's got a dozen other hustles going on too, and he hands a reporter one copy after another of B-minus movies. They all feature Kim Fowley.

"I'm the king of bad taste," says the man who started his songwriting, production and performance career with the 1960 novelty hit "Alley Oop." Fowley went on to work with artists including KISS, the Byrds, Helen Reddy and Frank Zappa and is perhaps most famous for helping form the 1970s band the Runaways..." Read the full story here.

BONUS: Kim Fowley’s Advice For New Zealand Musicians: Live Local and Think Global. By Alan Holt. Think it was written for Real Groove in mid 2000s.

"... I rang him [Fowley] ostensibly to talk about the Runaways but Kim declined this topic and decided he wanted to talk about “what’s wrong with New Zealand bands”. I thought “Sounds good” This is what he had to say.

“New Zealand needs to live local and think global. The musical community needn’t become a traveling circus rushing off to Australia, United States of America otherwise known as the USA, the UK or any other EU destination. Live local. Think global..."

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