Friday, March 16, 2012

Don Zolo

Zolo and the Bantams included Don McGlashan, Tim Mahon and Mark Bell (Blam Blam Blam), and recorded this 45 7"single in 1981, with a group of schoolkids from Manurewa. The A side is a bent little original, and the flip is a charmingly wobbly attempt at Jimmy Cliff's The Harder They Come.

The inner sleeve lists the following people involved in this project: Jason Hutchinson, Phillip Whale, Leanne Hawkins, Rachel Irvine, Sean Harris, Chris Hughes, Nicky Sabbage, Adrian Croucher, Richard Shanks, Richard Horsfall, Marc van der Voorn, Sue Whelan, Meryl Killip, Helen Pye, Steven White, Gary Melrose, Jillian Stanton, Chris Lowrie, Dawn White, Bronwen Richards, Tim Mahon, Steve Galvin, Bruce Robertson, Frank Stark, Kippy Harris, Mark Bell, Don McGlashan, Gerard Carr, Peter Scholes.

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