Friday, January 13, 2012

In the shadows

DJ Shadow interviewed in GQ Magazine, touches on his involvement with reissue projects..

Reissues take a lot of work
"We did just do Stone Coal White's [self-titled] album for which I had licensed and sat on for eight years because it is so hard. Ever project I've ever done has been out of a sense of duty and a sense of needing to contribute something. Financially it's just not rewarding and it's really hard especially when once you have kids. Numero really wanted it to work, they said they would press it and do all the work. ...

" ....It's just so frustrating that people can't understand what's being lost right now. I have lent most of my energy to the Numero group. Just recently they are wrapping their Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio compilation and they needed a really clean transfer of Lou Ragland's Hot Chocolate album. I sent it to them. Or they wanted a Marvin Petersen album they needed to take a picture of.

"Because I've got a decent collection and I'm willing to work with them gratis, I've contributed a lot to their compilations and I'm happy to because they are putting in a massive amount of effort to do what I consider historically significant work, in the same way blues guys did in the Sixties and the Seventies."

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