Friday, January 13, 2012

Dunedin Sound vinyl worth megabucks

From Otago Daily Times...

"Original vinyl albums are fetching upwards of $100, as collectors eye a piece of Dunedin music history. Tony Renouf, of Too Tone Records, said rare Dunedin 7-inch and 12-inch records continue to be sought after, such as the 1981 debut single from The Clean, Tally Ho.

A copy of that single, which had never been played, had a $250 price tag at the Northeast Valley store. 

It was not uncommon to have people from outside Otago or even the country looking for hard-to-obtain Dunedin vinyl, with some rare Flying Nun items going for between $50 and $650, he said.

Despite the demand, Too Tone has no online presence and Mr Renouf refuses to take phone orders - "I buy the stuff locally. I source it locally. Why shouldn't it be made available locally?"

"Trading online is soul-less. It is just horrible. I would rather just hang out in a record shop, where I can talk to people about music. I can share music, and they can look at it."

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