Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prince Paul’s musical mystery tour

Prince Paul and his cohorts cruise round checking out music scenes all over the US for Scion: this episode has them visiting Garage Fest in Kansas, rocking out with the freaks. Check out the wrapup at the end (10mins) where they meet a goth-looking busker with a flute, who asks 'any requests?" So they bust out a freestyle rap while the busker plays a riff that sounds like the Beatnuts - Watch out now. Other episodes take in NYC, New Orleans, Coachella pool parties, Metal Fest in Pomona, all sorts... and Prince Paul is a funny cat too.

Official blurb for this ep: " Musician Impossible: Prince Paul’s Adventurous Musical Journey follows the hip-hop pioneer and his friends Mr. Dead and Soce on a cross-country quest for new inspiration. Featuring Best Coast, Municipal Waste, Big Freedia, Win Win and many more."

Watch more episodes here.

"After the storm, it was so depressing, all you could do was dance, to keep a smile on your face..." New Orleans kid talking about bounce. Watch below.

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