Saturday, December 17, 2011

JB Hifi launches streaming music service

JB Hifi announced back in August that they were launching a music streaming subscription service. They launched it this week with a month's free subscription as a hook. They have got into the market ahead of plans to launch Spotify in Australia and NZ next year.

Via Billboard... "Australia's leading music retailer JB Hi-Fi has taken a leap into digital music with the beta launch of its Now streaming music service.
The month-long trial started this week and means JB has almost certainly beaten Spotify to the punch.

"Monthly subscription starts at $6.67 Australian ($6.59) across a 12-month plan, giving users unlimited streaming access, according to the company, across PC, notebook and Mac.

Details regarding Now were first dropped in August, when JB told investors its service would go live with 6 to 8 million licensed tracks from some 100,000 artists. JB now boasts 10 million licensed tracks, of which some three million titles are currently loaded into the system. More repertoire will be signed and loaded in the coming year, according to the Melbourne-based company, and further down the track Now should evolve to offer digital downloads.

"At an unspecified date early next year, a Now app for smartphone and tablet will be available for Apple iOS, Android and Windows devices, allowing listeners to store songs and playlists to their devices when not connected to the Internet...

"... According to industry sources, digital music sales in 2011 are more than 30% ahead of where they were in 2010. Down Under now accounts digital revenue for 40% of all sales, up from 27% in 2010."

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