Friday, June 24, 2011


Tom Atkinson aka Tomachi dropped this solo joint on Capital Recordings in late 2005. He's recently released it back into the wilderness via Bandcamp.

"Drummer, keyboardist, and composer Tomachi's debut solo album ‘The Hotel Vermont Sessions’ was the culmination of several years worth of pent-up musical drive, held in check while playing in a variety of bands (SJD, One Million Dollars, Breaks Co-Op, Dam Native, Foghorn, The Roughness, Jungle Fungus and more).

Sexy, hip hop soul with a jazz-funk twist, the sessions required a rollcall of longtime friends and collaborators Dam Native on lead single ‘Mic Is Mine’ as well as the likes of Godfrey de Grut [Loungehead/Brooke Fraser band], Nick Atkinson and Tim Stewart [ex-Supergroove], Kingsley Melhuish, Nigel Gavin [Nairobi Trio], Hamish Clarke [Breaks Co-Op], John Highstead [Relax-o-matic] and many, many more."

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