Friday, June 24, 2011

Last show on KiwiFM

This Sunday will be my last show hosting KiwiFM's High Noon Tea. KiwiFM  have decided to let me go as host, after three and a half years. I'm also now longer hosting the High Noon Tea edition on Air NZ's inflight entertainment.

There will be a new host, new timeslot and new format for High Noon Tea. KiwiFM is also cutting most of its specialist shows, revamping a few, and keeping The Kiwi House, hosted by Karl Steven (Drab do-riffs/Supergroove). These moves are part of a drive to make KiwiFM more commercial, which I take to mean they are trying to increase its ratings.

I've enjoyed hosting High Noon Tea, and want to thank Dianne Swann for asking me to join the KiwiFM team, and also thanks to Michael Higgins and Sam Collins and all the team at KiwiFM, who are doing a great job.

Doing a show where you are restricted to just two genres (reggae and downtempo) and then narrowing that even further to just music from one country - New Zealand -  was a challenge. Thankfully, NZers love their reggae, and there's a wealth of good New Zealand music being made in those two genres. Thank you to all the local musicians I've played on the show who are making great music.



Sounds Like us NZ Music said...

Just what NZ needs, a more commercial bent to all it's radio stations.........

Hans Versluys said...

Trust your are staying on Base FM? What else can we listen to over Saturday morning pancakes?