Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vocalist, drummer, songwriter, Melvin Davis

From Detroit Metro Times. Northern soul legend, drummer for Smokey Robinson and the Miracles... awesome story. Hat tip to Trevor, cheers fellla.

"The song, pressed on the local Wheel City label, is one of the most obscure in the history of recorded Detroit soul music. Yet when the band breaks into its intro, the packed house of testifying dancers erupts, and when Melvin Davis sings that first line, they're right there with him. They know every word. It's uplifting. It's soulful. It's downright spiritual.

Thirty-seven years after its 500-copy run sank without a trace in 1965, 5,000 — yes, 5,000 — Melvin Davis fans are flipping Wales' Prestatyn Soul Weekender on its collective ear. To this throng of music fanatics, DJs and record collectors, the song in question, "Find a Quiet Place (and be Lonely)," is an anthem, and its rarity has only amplified its legend.

Davis turns in an electrifying set. Then he signs autographs, just as he does after other overseas shows (most recently this past June). Later, he presides over a panel discussion that gives fans a glimpse of what it was like to be a full-fledged participant in one of the most astounding music scenes of all time. His even-keeled outlook, lucid memory, outgoing nature and philosophical perspective make him a natural ambassador for both his city and its music.

It's no wonder that many of his fans can hardly believe that when Melvin Davis returns home to Detroit's west side in a few days, he'll be back to the grind at the post office..."

Read the full article here. Incredible soul music.

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