Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Deepgrooves - Sound Foundation

Sound Foundation marked the birth of DJ Dubhead's reggae leanings on record - previous recorded output from him had been in groups such as the Kiwi Animal, an acoustic alternative-folk outfit where he contributed cello. ADDED: He also was in a gothic band called Silent Decree, who released a few cassette recordings. 

Sound Foundation started as a collaboration between Dubhead (Patrick Waller), studio engineer Angus McNaughton (Tinnitus, Headless Chickens), and various MCs, mainly Tuffy Culture and Danny D from Dam Native. Ram Dancehall also came out as a white label 12 inch single.

Dubhead (L), Angus. Photo: Sonoma Message. Published in Planet, 1991

Ram Dancehall 12-inch label

Dubhead went on to put together the Dub Combinations series of compilations for Kog in the early 2000s (which featured tunes by Sound Foundation also, produced by Dubhead), and was also listed as one of the authors of a book on the history of reggae in Aotearoa, which was announced in 2007. He's a longstanding and well-respected BFM DJ, having started his radio show The Rhythm Selection, in 1990, and was Programme Director for BFM for 4 years in the early 2000s.

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JSA said...

My favourite Deepgrooves tune... That and "Relay", which I see you posted already. Big up selector!

How old would Danny have been back then?

Peter McLennan said...

Cheers! Man, Danny was probably 18 or so, I guess....