Thursday, January 27, 2011

Real steel

The Esso Trinidad Steel Band play one of the greatest cover versions ever. This one.... (scuse the racy cover). This is off their third album, produced by Van Dyke Parks. Read more about that here. This album got reissued on CD a few years back with a bonus DVD of a documentary film about their 1971 US tour. Available from Amazon.

Was having a conversation about it with someone online today, as you do, and they said that they "like the positive response I get when I play I Want You Back by The Trinidad Tripoli Steelband after I get a request for Michael Jackson".

Which led me to end up watching this clip. Apparently Liberace came across them at Expo 67 and decided he had to take them on tour with them, hence this TV appearance on the David Frost Show.They recorded an album together too.

... and then there's this clip from the Mike Douglas Show with Liberace, Mike Douglas, and The Brady Bunch have a limbo contest while Tripoli Steel play behind them. Nutty.

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