Thursday, January 27, 2011

Deepgrooves - end of part one

I've been writing about and posting audio from Deepgrooves, a record label active in Auckland in the 1990s. Their sound was the sound of Auckland - a brash, vibrant mix of reggae and hiphop. Much of the music that came out on Deepgrooves laid the foundations for the Welli dub scene, a good ten years before that scene eventually blossomed, after bubbling away for a few years.

Sadly much of the music I've profiled from Deepgrooves is no longer available. That's a shame, because, having revisited much of it in the past few weeks, I think it holds up surprisingly well and hasn't dated a bit.

I'm working on part two of this series, check back here soon. More interviews, more music. I've compiled the music audio clips I've posted into some handy playlists below. Flick thru the first two to get a taste of Deepgrooves output, and the third playlist is all the ones I've posted in the past few weeks. Enjoy. Index of posts below too.

Playlist - tunes from the first Deepgrooves compilation, from 1991.

Playlist - tunes from the second Deepgrooves compilation, Deep in the Pacific of Bass, from 1992.

Deepgrooves - Introduction
Riot Riddum Sound System Part One / Part Two  / Part Three
Projector Mix (Mike Hodgson, now of Pitch Black)
Urban Disturbance (feat Zane Lowe) plus, the lost 2nd album?
Three the hard way
Mighty Asterix
Sound Foundation (DJ Dubhead, Angus McNaughton)
Nemesis Dub Systems
Unitone Hif (Joost L, Stinky Jim, Angus McN)
New Loungehead
Anthony Ioasa /Grace
Jules Issa

Playlist - 30 audio clips from the previous posts above.


bossman said...

Thanks for taking the time to do this Peter, I've really enjoyed listening and reading the posts these past few weeks.

Peter said...

Hey Bossman, thanks for the comment, appreciate it.

Stinky Jim said...

indeed, top notch Peter and thanks. It's easy to see how much thought, effort and passion went into this.

Bob Daktari said...

agree, top work and a delightful walk down memory lane


Peter said...

Thanks Jim, Thanks Bob. Appreciate the kind words