Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Sat Dec 11

James Brown - Santa Claus goes straight to the ghetto
Fatback band - Wicky wacky
DL Jones and DJ 2nd nature - Longer than this
Nina Simone -Seeline woman - MAW remix
Memphis sounds - Run Fay run
Many Dibango - Afro soul - Rob Mello remix
Lyn Collins - Mr big stuff
George Clinton  -Do fries go with that shake? - Thick mix
Orange juice - Rip it dub  -Dicky trisko edit
Aretha Franklin - Rocksteady  -Danny Krivit re-edit
Sharon Jones and the Dapkings - Aint no chimneys in the projects
Celestial choir - Stand on the word
DLT - Liquid skies - Ultraneon remix
Lord Echo  -Thinking of you
Phase II Pan Groove - Can't get enough (Supergroove cover for Making Tracks tv show)
Little dragon - Constant surprises
Otis Redding - Hard to handle (RIP Dec 10 1967)
Sam Cooke - Bring it on home (RIP Dec 11 1964)
Electric jungle - Funky funky christmas
Timmy Thomas - Why can't we live together - Shoes dub mix
Beverly rd allstars - Murder she wrote
Shogun orchestra - Leogane
Amadou and Mariam - Coulibaly
Labelle - What can I do for you?

The Year in NSFW music videos

Check them over at Flavourwire. Like it says on the box, not safe for work.Vids from Xiu Xiu, Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga, MIA, Kylie Minogue, Flaming Lips, Grinderman, and this humdinger from Ms Erykah Badu, for Window Seat, for which she got charged by Dallas Police for disorderly conduct.

Flavourwire: "All that happens is this: the singer gets out of her car and walks down the street, slowly stripping off layer after layer of clothing. By the end of five and a half minutes, she’s totally nude — and is immediately gunned down. Did we mention that the video takes place in the same part of Dallas where JFK was assassinated? Yeah, it caused some controversy."

Friday, December 10, 2010

Patti on Prince - "He DOES talk!"

There's a great surprise appearance by Prince on chat show The View that's doing the rounds right now - you get to hear Prince's voice, a rare thing, as he doesn't do interviews hardly ever. He's doing a handful of shows at Madison Sq Garden and dropped by to give the ladies on The View some tickets. Watch it here.

One of the commenters over there mentions an episode of Arsinio Halls show where Prince and band played, then Patti La Belle told Prince stories. And of course it's on Youtube.

Best part, Patti keeps calling out her friend Shiela E, who introduced her to Prince, and is in the studio audience, Go figure.

Take the money and run

Last weekend the Sunday Star Times ran a story in its gossip section on local singer Annabel Fay. Seems that she flew some radio programmers over by helicopter to her parents' flash place on Great Mercury Island for a party to say thank you for their support of her latest single. The SST suggests this happened with her father, Michael Fay footing the bill. Her 2nd album is due out next year.

NBR picked up on the story, here. Titled "Excuse me, Sir Michael – is there someone you’re forgetting to thank for your daughter’s success?", the story  talks about the celebration, saying "It’s great to see Sir Michael rewarding key people for their support. But NBR wonders if he is (cough, sorry, this this is awkward) forgetting a few. Mainly, taxpayers who stumped the $50,000 of NZ On Air music funding that has helped bankroll his daughter’s recent efforts."

In today's NZ Herald, John Drinnan picks up the same story in his column. Unfortunately, he gets the $$ value of funding Ms Fay has received from NZ on Air wrong.

Fay has recieved $80,000 to date, not $70,000, as Drinnan  says. He also says "That comprises $50,000 funding for an upcoming but unnamed album." Her debut album was not funded by NZ On Air - the album funding referred to was from 2008.

He could have easily checked this by visiting the NZ On Air website and using the "search funding" option, which displays all the work NZ On Air has funded. This is all publicly available.

Drinnan says "under the music funding system the taxpayer pays - no matter how much cash the artist or record company has. We are paying for the opportunity to hear New Zealand music on radio." And you're paying to see NZ shows on TV, NZ films at the movies, NZ classical music on the radio and in concert, and you're paying for hospitals for the sick, and benefits for poor people... Did Drinnan join the Act Party recently?

The really surprising bit is Drinnan completely failed to mention the independent review of NZ On Air's music programmes that has been carried out this year (and which he's written about previously, if I recall correctly). This report is finished and due for release in the next few weeks, apparently.

Taking cheap shots at the music business is lazy journalism. John, do your homework, bro!

ADDED Russell Brown pointed out to me via Twitter that Drinnan doesn't mention that the NZOA funding is required to be matched dollar for dollar by the record company. And the NZOA funding is also fully recoupable.
ADDED Here's a thought  - maybe Drinnan wants to have a go at Liam Finn getting $60,000 of taxpayer dosh. His dad Neil is well off, I hear. Go on, John, I dare ya.

ADDED Sat Dec 11 - John Drinnan has dropped by and replied in the comments. He corrected me regarding the $ figures -  the $70 k figure came from Brendan Smyth at NZ On Air, who advised Drinnan that the details were wrong on their website. Perhaps someone at NZ On Air needs to make sure all the grant info is up to date.

Dub onna mission

Dubmission Records in the UK are celebrating their 15th brithday with a wee treat. A bunch of laidback, dubwise tunes, including some locals like Pitch Black (remixed by Tom Cosm), and Bluey. Have a listen below then hit download.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Sofrito: Tropical Discotheque Mix

DJ Hugo Mendez of Sofrito cooked up a  short mix made up of tracks from their compilation which due next year on Strut (note; the compilation itself features full versions of these songs & others, unmixed).  Enjoy!

Sofrito: Tropical Discotheque Mini-Mix From DJ Hugo Mendez (Download: mediafire) 

Sofrito: Tropical Discotheque mini-mix by DJ Hugo Mendez by Strut

1. "Sabroso Bacalao" - Adolfo Echeverria
2. "Je ne bois pas Beaucoup" - Les Ya Toupas du Zaire
3. "Popilation Basse-Terrienne au abois" - Ti Celeste
4. "Pitchito" - Frente Cumbiero
5. "Ohue" (Frankie Francis & SImbad Edit) - Victor Uwaifo
6. "Arrete Mal Parlé" - Fair Nick Stars
7. "Carnival long ago" - Roaring Lion

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Raggamuffin rumblings

The Raggamuffin Festival in Rotorua has been hit by the departures of a few key staff in past weeks. Leesa Tilley, General Manager for the Australian promoters Andrew McManus Presents, has resigned, "saying that her position with the Australian promoter has become untenable, and she has resigned effective immediately"(source: NZ Musician). She has been in that role for four years.

"I've been lucky enough to have been behind Raggamuffin from the first show and in my almost four years with the company, have worked with the most extraordinary people - all of whom I hope to have the opportunity to thank personally for their contribution," Ms Tilley said' (source).

Rotorua's Daily Post also reports that "Public relations company Publicity Plus will also no longer be working on the Raggamuffin Music Festival.

[This]  follows the resignation late last month of Rotorua's Stu Lyall, who has managed the stalls at Raggamuffin for the past three years."

The Australian promoters have appointed replacements. "Andrew McManus Presents has appointed Jackie Sanders as its new general manager for New Zealand and Sandra Roberts will head publicity for the promoter's Raggamuffin festival." Sanders has worked on Rhythm and Vines for the past two years. See "Raggamuffin: key apppointments made", Daily Post.

But wait, there's more!

Free stuff, that is.

Some Christmas chur: Fat Freddys Drop have a couple of brand new remixes of The Big BW (from DJ Vadim and Christiaan Ercolano) up for FREE on, you'll need to log in to get em. Check em out here. Also...

"Little Monster Studios will release a compilation of Christmas themed songs next month. Featuring a who’s who of local indie artists, the album was recorded and produced by home recording entrepreneur Dave Parker in and around his West Auckland abode. From December 6, the 17-track release of original yuletide hits, titled ‘A Very Little Christmas’, will be available as a FREE download.

‘A Very Little Christmas’ includes tracks from Timothy Blackman, Great North, Tono and the Finance Company, Bearcat, Canadia, Glass Owls, Josie Tuck, Luckless, Hold Dear, Chelsea Jade & James Duncan, The Gladeyes, Alaska, Bannerman, Dear Times Waste, The Bayonets, Cool Rainbows and The Crawley Christmas Singers."

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Round Trip Mars freebies!

The good folk at local label Round Trip Mars have a  special treat for you...

"Allow us to introduce Invaderism.... it’s shaping up to be the finest compilation on Round Trip Mars yet, and a well needed antidote to a predominantly slaverage music year all round. What’s more it’s free, digital and features all new, all exclusive tracks from the entire RTM fam.

"From December 5th you can download a free track from Invaderism every 2nd day right here. On the alternate days there will be a lesser known gem from each year of RTM’s history '99-'09. Each download will only be up for 2 days, and on December 25th the entire fundle bundle will drop on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

"Call it a Xmas present or a thank you for the support over the years - its’ bigger than Santa’s creepy finger on Queen Street and the tracklist alone is going to fry some synapses, we take no responsibility for blown minds, head nod related RSI or floor related jaw drop dramas as a result of the musical magnificence about to be bestowed upon you… it’s really that good.

"Amongst the regal rabble on Invaderism is a somewhat new face to our space race, in the form of Scratch 22. Well known as a refreshingly un-formularised and preposterously popular DJ, and co-founder of the ARC crew, his own productions are a whole other fettle of kish. While his remixes of the Mint Chicks, 1995 and others were swiftly taken up by the b-Nets and whatnot, and his work with Tourettes has been justifiably acclaimed, Scratch 22’s debut album (due early 2011) goes wayyyy deeper.

Nightmares On Wax’s George Evelyn has already tapped him for his Wax On compilation series, his remix of Electric Wire Hustle’s ‘Again’ on BBE is stirring up the firmament on wax overseas and he’s just about to head off to Paris to represent New Zealand against the world in the Red Bull Thre3Style championships, having taken out the Auckland and New Zealand finals last week. It's positively breathless, plenty more to come on him and look out for his cut on Invaderism appearing here soon."