Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NZOA music funding report out

Following on from Chris Caddick's earlier report on NZ On Air's international music support programme, NZ On Air have just released Caddick's review of its music funding. Download it in full from NZ On Air's site, here.
ADDED: NZ Musician has more on report, incl summary, etc noting that "The agency expects to have the changes ready to implement by 1 July 2011." NZ On Airs press release on the report here.

I was half-expecting  them to pull that classic govt department trick of putting it out at 430pm on December 24th. Keep your eyes peeled and see which govt dept pulls that one this year. It's a goodie. Summary at the bottom, from the report.

"New media: the Interview Panel ideas:
Start a YouTube channel (16%)
Start a website for the public featuring archived material (9%)
Start a Facebook page (7%)"

NZ On Air don't have a Youtube channel? What the heck?

Under Other Suggestions...
"Two respondents specifically identified the need for a significant archiving project for New  Zealand music. While this is outside the terms of reference for this review I agree that this would be an extremely valuable project."

The recommendations will, I believe, realign NZ On Air’s music programme with its mandated aims, better reflect the reality of today’s music landscape, acknowledge the role of the internet in achieving broadcast outcomes, broaden the diversity of music experienced by listeners and viewers (surely the most important stakeholders here), address the concerns of stakeholders over procedural matters, and provide opportunities to increase the amount of wonderful music both made by our artists and enjoyed by our public.

Changes to the overall programme should be self-funding in that reductions in expenditure in some areas can be used to fund newer initiatives.

Funding Schemes (Section 7.1.4)
Replace the three existing schemes with one new scheme that provides assistance in the creation of songs and their accompanying videos.
Move to monthly funding rounds of up to 20 tracks per month.
Include a variety of guest panelists in the monthly selection meetings.
Broaden the diversity of track choices.
Establish qualification criteria that reduce the number of applicants.

Application & Audit Procedures (Section 7.3.4)
Increase the number and frequency of audit checks.
Introduce a more detailed application process for funding grants.

New Targets (Section 7.3.1)
Set a five-year goal to increase New Zealand music on radio to 25%, adding an extra 1% to the current base level guaranteed by the Code each year for five years.

Broaden Monitoring (Section 7.3.2)
Collate television exposure weekly and add to radio exposure to get a fuller picture of broadcast outcomes.
Develop a programme to monitor exposure for New Zealand music on the Internet and mobile platforms.

New Media (Section 7.3.3)
Establish a new role in NZ On Air’s NZ Music promotions team specifically dedicated to activities in new media.
Develop a promotional programme for New Zealand music using popular social media networks.

Production of Radio Shows (Section 7.2.1)
Reduce overall expenditure on this initiative.
Consider commercialising the relationship for mainstream radio programming.
Make the programmes exclusively for new artists with no previous track record at commercial radio.
Set targets for ‘crossover’from the programmes to the main playlist and monitor.
Negotiate rights issues to extend the usage of these programmes to new media platforms.
Continue student radio programme funding.

Television Programmes (Section 7.2.2)
Lobby mainstream TV channels for music programming.
Continue funding NZOwn and look at options for further music programming on Juice TV.
Negotiate rights issues to ensure funded programming is available for use on new media platforms.
Continue funding enabling the screening of the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards.

Pluggers (Section 7.2.3)
Retain the roles.
Clarify the ‘supplementary’ nature of the activity in communication with the industry.
Provide weekly written feedback to the rest of the NZ On Air team
Undertake artist showcases in other main centres.
Increase number of road trips if practical.

Kiwi Hit Disc (Section 7.2.4)
Introduce weekly digital distribution of tracks by genre.
Provide an option to request a physical copy.
Introduce more exciting artwork to physical version.
Monitor broadcast outcomes for both methods of distribution -digital and physical.

Future Reviews (Section 7.3.4)
Establish regular schedule for future reviews.
Undertake next review in two years time.

Industry Analysis (Section 3.2)
Encourage industry bodies and appropriate government agencies
to undertake regular industry ‘big picture’ economic analysis.

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