Tuesday, December 14, 2010

C42 say bye bye

C42 was launched back in May, during NZ Music Month with great fanfare over a guaranteed 30% NZ music content. The channel did a deal with local record companies where they got free ads for their artists (and the 30% was to come mostly from IMNZ artists) in return for waiving their right to royalties from video plays.

Now, with the rebrand/relaunch of C4 as FOUR early next year,  C42 is stepping aside as C4 moves over to its slot on Freview. From TV3s news site...

"Coinciding with MediaWorks Ltd’s launch of channel FOUR in early 2011, C4 will replace C42 on the Freeview platform.

C4 will go back to its roots of playing a cross-section of music and will stick to its policy to play at least 30 percent Kiwi content, says network executive Andrew Szusterman.
“Bringing C4 back to solely a music brand is a great result for music lovers,” he says. “Fans of C42 will still be able to see their favourite alternative music videos as C42 will become a show itself on the channel.”

Key C4 music shows like Video Hits, Homegrown and Biggest Records Right Now will remain in the schedule, and a new show hosted by Drew Neemia and Shannaon Ryan will launch on FOUR in the New Year. The final changeover date for the channel will be announced in the coming weeks."

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