Saturday, August 07, 2010

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Aug 7

Mr Chop - Shut em down
Lyn Collins - Think - Simon S re-edit
Billy Watkins - The ice man
Daddy Cleanhead  -Something goin on in my room
Budos band - Chicago falcon - Washington Sq Lads remix
Kabanjak - Dub to go - Ancient astronauts remix
Manu Chao - A cosa - Prince fatty edit
Jah Batta - I don't want to wait
Jah Wobble - L1
Manasseh  - Western world version
The Beat - Twist and crawl
Mos dub - Johnny too beef
Lee Scratch Perry - Train to Doomsville
Rhythm and sound w Sugar Minott - Let jah love come
Hugh Masekela - Don't go lose it baby
Gwen Guthrie - Padlock - Larry Levan mix
Crown heights affair - Say a prayer for two
Nona Simone - Taking care of business - Pilooski edit
Kormac - People rising
Mishkin and Anna Mystic -Living trouble
Big youth - Feed a nation
The Resonators  -Sweet love affair/Sweet dub affair
Nacao zumbi - Organ de belle
Orgone - I get lifted
Pointer sisters - There's love in them there hills
Destronauts - Flight of the dead grizzly - Smoke machine dub mix
Prince Jammy - 42nd st dub

Friday, August 06, 2010

Talk about Walter

Walter Gibbons remembered by Danny Krivit & Tony Smith.... they talk about Walter's influence being perhaps even bigger than Tom Moulton, why the original producers were salty about Walter's mixes, and why hip-hop legends like Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa looked up to Walter...

Jungle Music, Strut's retrospective of Walter's music, will be out August 17th.If you missed it, download a track from the album below:
TC James & The Fist O'Funk- "Get Up On Your Feet" (Walter Gibbons Mix) [mediafire] [soundcloud]

Destronauts are dub

Destronauts are a Brooklyn-based duo. From their bio: "The duo consists of American vocalist/guitarist/producer Chadwick Shao and Argentinean singer/actress Mimi Eayrs. They were formed in Brooklyn, New York in the Summer of 2009. Chadwick has been a rhythm guitarist, a drum and bass DJ in the DC electronic-dance music scene, and a producer. Chadwick and Mimi Eayrs met by chance while singing karaoke. Their first EP, 3 Moons, is the result of six months of writing and recording together in his home studio, and was remixed and engineered at Studio G Brooklyn. 3 Moons debuted in February 2010."

Anyways,  a fellow Brooklynite who works under the name Smoke Machine sent me this great dubby remix he'd done of one of their tracks, and you can download it for free. It's pretty damn tasty.

<a href="">Flight Of The Dead Grizzly (Smoke Machine Dub) by Smoke Machine</a>

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Next Stop, Soweto... jazz

DOWNLOAD Dennis Mpale- "Orlando" (mediafire) (soundcloud)
From: Next Stop ... Soweto Vol. 3 (August 3rd, Strut)
Giants, Ministers and Makers: Jazz In South Africa 1963 - 1984  

The first two installments of this series have featured some incredible music... looking forward to hearing more...
One of the regular players on the South African jazz scene splitting time between Cape Town and Johannesburg, Dennis Mpale plays trumpet in several of the outfits featured on Next Stop... Soweto Vol. 3. "Orlando" comes from an album under his own name, and is a tribute to his township. Documenting the vibrant South African jazz scene of the 50s, 60, & 70s, the final volume of the Next Stop... Soweto series comes out August 3rd on Strut.

El-P vs Bieber

El-P talks about his new instrumental album in an interview with the LA Times here... he's out there previewing his new album of instrumentals at legendary LA clubnight the Low End Theory, home to Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus and more.

" ...his most impressive achievement may have come last month, when a Twitter in-joke with XLR8R magazine forced him to try his hand at remixing Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” Splicing in a sample of Paul McCartney and Wings'  “Live and Let Die,” and tarring and feathering Bieber’s teen pop with heavy dubstep rhythms, El-P set it loose onto the internet."

They've got the tune for download at the bottom of the interview too. Listen at your own risk.

"Rapper, producer and Def Jux founder El-P knows how to get to parts of the brain others can't. As a solo artist and frontman for seminal hip-hop group Company Flow or producer of Cannibal Ox, Cage, Mr. Lif, Aesop Rock, NIN, Beck, The Mars Volta (and many, many more), an El-P production can drive you to hide underneath the bed, punch a wall and nod your head all at the same time. Which brings us to Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3" (out August 3).

Grab some preview mp3s below...
Album Preview Trailer (YouTube)
El-P- "Meanstreak" (In 3 Parts) (mediafire)
El-P- "Whores: The Movie" (mediafire)

What it's really like to work in a music store - 1 to 5

from Bboybri (via LP). Awesomeness. My favourite is the 2nd clip.


There's always a vinyl revival story popping up in the media somewhere - it's a good story that never gets old (especially if you know that vinyl never went away, but hey).

The LA Times has this great headline - "Cassette tapes are back in the mix". It's a pretty funny article - check this quote.... ""Tape is like the weird uncle no one talks about... MP3s sound terrible anyways, so why not have something that sounds terrible that you can hold?"

So, will the lowly cassette make a comeback?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dr Cornel West

Dr Cornel West pops up on the bonus features of the excellent movie documentary The Night James Brown Saved Boston (as part of a discussion panel at the film's premiere), and I saw him  talking with Bill Withers in the Still Bill doco too. He's a fascinating gent, and here's yet more proof  - a tale from when he hung out with Prince last year, in Montreaux...

PLAYBOY: What was it like to record a song with Prince?

WEST: Lord have mercy, that man is a genius of unparalleled vitality, and going into the studio to record something for him was an extraordinary blessing.  But I just love hanging out with the man.  We were together in Montreux last summer.  He did two shows one night, two hours of jazz – Coltrane, Charlie Parker – and then came back with two hours of funk.  Unbelievable.  Afterward he said “Brother West, do you sleep?”  I said, “Well, I try not to.”  He doesn’t sleep at all.  

He said, “Let’s spend some time talking.”  First thing we did, we went on top of the hotel and watched some of Obama’s speeches.  Then we had a dialogue for about an hour, then we started talking about music for another hour, and then we talked politics for another hour.  We stayed up until 7:30, eight.  He packed and jumped on his plane.  Stayed up all night.  And another time Michael Steele and I were at a Prince concert together.

PLAYBOY: You and the chairman of the Republican National Committee went to a Prince concert?

WEST: Oh yeah.  Politics can’t stop you from rockin’ to a genius man! [laughs]

Hat tip to Pinboard blog for the story. Photo - New York Times.


Some tasty business from Electric Wire Hustle. Live in-studio sesh, especially for Pinboard...
"While in London for their session at Deviation, we caught up with Electric Wire Hustle and recorded their studio session for our ongoing 'Rehearsal Rooms' series. Exclusively performing 'Waters' for, Mara, Taay & Myele show us what they're about and what they do."

Monday, August 02, 2010

Askew's tales

Local graffiti artist Askew (aka Elliot O'Donnell) has been chronicling some of the key moments of his creative life on his blog, and the latest installment just went up.

We were talking via Twitter about a photo of Danny D from Dam Native back in the day, and I dug out an old copy of Planet magazine and scanned it for Askew. It's a great photo, and as Askew mentions, was a huge B&W poster that used to be all over walls round central Auckland at the time, including in the window of Bungalow Bills music shop on Symond St. Go read Askew's latest post here - "It's all about identity".

"... the groups that had the most impact on me were those that were most prolific around the time I started High School. Musically I’m referring to Dam Native (Which Bennet Pomana from Upper Hutt Posse was a member) and Urban Disturbance, and graffiti wise I speak of DLT, Opto, Daniel Tippet, DAF crew and Tank WL..."

Get Carter

Roy Budd plays his Get Carter theme. (Hat tip - In Crowd). I picked up a great reggae version of this earlier this year from Jah Wobble, out on Pressure Sounds.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Natural Self mix

Natural Self: My Heart Beat: Remixes and Versions promo mix, grab it here....

<a href="">MY HEART BEATS:REMIXES AND VERSIONS Promo Mix by Natural Self</a>

Released 16 August 2010
The Shock You Heard (YULT’s Sub remix)
Midnight Sun (Prince Fatty Version)
Midnight Sun (J Sole’s Moonstomp remix)
The Origin (Kidkanevil remix)
All Static (Natural Self remix)
The Origin (Eliphino remix)
Street Spirit (Natural Self version)