Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Christoph El Truento

Christoph El Truento is a talented young chap who I know as a fellow BaseFM DJ. He's about to drop a brand new EP as a producer, and has kindly sent out a track for you to listen to and download, if you fancy.

Introducing EP01, a 5 track EP of experimental beats, soul and future funk created throughout the first half of 2010. The EP will be released in digital format on iTunes and for free on Bandcamp for a limited time, out October 5.

zSHARE - Christoph El Truento - She Just Dont Know.mp3 (click on link for  audio preview)

For more El Truento goodness, check out the Hip Drop's album (from earlier this year) of local beat producers here - also includes tracks from Mara TK (Electric wire hustle), Alphabethead, Skylab, Scratch22 (remixing the Mint Chicks) and more.

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