Friday, August 06, 2010

Destronauts are dub

Destronauts are a Brooklyn-based duo. From their bio: "The duo consists of American vocalist/guitarist/producer Chadwick Shao and Argentinean singer/actress Mimi Eayrs. They were formed in Brooklyn, New York in the Summer of 2009. Chadwick has been a rhythm guitarist, a drum and bass DJ in the DC electronic-dance music scene, and a producer. Chadwick and Mimi Eayrs met by chance while singing karaoke. Their first EP, 3 Moons, is the result of six months of writing and recording together in his home studio, and was remixed and engineered at Studio G Brooklyn. 3 Moons debuted in February 2010."

Anyways,  a fellow Brooklynite who works under the name Smoke Machine sent me this great dubby remix he'd done of one of their tracks, and you can download it for free. It's pretty damn tasty.

<a href="">Flight Of The Dead Grizzly (Smoke Machine Dub) by Smoke Machine</a>

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