Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, April 10

Manu Chao - A Cosa (Prince Fatty edit)
Prince Fari - Right way
Mr Vegas - Must come a road
Trackheadz - Jah shall come
Dubblestandart - Terrorists and inhalers (Keith Le Blanc remix)
Whitefield Brothers - Safari strut
Quantic - I just fell in love again
Los  superiores - Descarga superior
Supreme team - See suite
Mad lion - Girlzz
Funkmaster Flex and ghetto celebs - Safe sex no freaks
Kenny Dope and Mad racket - Supa
Liquid liquid - Cavern
Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo girls
Sidewalk city - Snap (dub mix)
Plumstead Radical Club - One way (Natural self remix)
Sharon Jones and the Dapkings - Better things
Sunlightsquare latin combo - I believe in miracles
Barrington Levy - Dont fuss nor fight
Knights of the dub table - Sing it to me (Optimus Gryme remix)
King midas sound - Meltdown
Fulgeance - Sour socca
War - Spill the wine
Robbie Hill's family affair - I just want to be like myself
Herbie Hancock - Bring down the birds (B-Boy edit)
Sharon Jones and the Dapkings -  She aint a child no more
Mr Chop  - Mecca and the soul brother
Fred Wesley and the JBs - You can have your Watergate but give me some bucks and I'll be straight

Friday, April 09, 2010

RIP Malcolm Mclaren

McLaren was a grand charlatan, a pop culture thief, and a mis-manager (as branded by the Sex Pistols, after they successfully sued him in 1986 for royalties, and won).

Former Pistol Steve Jones said that McLaren was "a big key in what happened in punk and with the revolution of it all" but that he undermined his own credibility by constantly clamouring for recognition through the years. "The whole thing probably wouldn't have taken off the way it did without him, there's no doubt about that," Jones said, "but his downfall is that he spent the rest of his life trying to take credit for all of it." (source: LA Times)

My favourite take so far on McLaren and his sense of self-importance to the punk scene is from the Guardian's Alexi Petridis, here.  He talks about McLaren's inabiltity to deal with the fallout from the antipathy he helped generate against the Sex Pistols, leaving them to flounder.

Petridis writes "It wasn't until after the band split up that McLaren attempted to reassert his authority over the Sex Pistols: rewriting their story in the film The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle as a masterplan he had controlled all along, the band merely his stooges. It wasn't a terribly convincing argument, nor was it a terribly good film.

"Understandably outraged, Johnny Rotten has spent the subsequent years airbrushing McLaren from the Sex Pistols story, pointing out that the music had nothing to do with him, reinventing the band as autodidacts who would have been even more successful without his interference.
But that seems reductive too: without McLaren's ideas, his art-school grounding in Situationism, without the clothes he and Vivienne Westwood designed for them, the Sex Pistols wouldn't have been the same band, nor would they have had the same impact. Neither party would ever admit it, but they needed each other."

John Lydon farewelled McLaren, saying “For me Malc was always entertaining, and I hope you remember that. Above all else he was an entertainer and I will miss him, and so should you.”

Wallace Chapman has some entertaining quotes from when he interviewed McLaren back when Wallace was hosting BFM Breakfast on his blog on TVNZ7's site.

Watch: Malcolm McLaren - a career in clips

Image credit: Peanut Butter Wolf via Twitpic.

Quick cuts

- Copped this via Stinky Jim's excellent Stink Inc blog - he's right into his South American cumbia bizz at the mo, and this is pretty mean.Toba Rey - Doma Tornado. Argentinian folk singer chopped and diced by Barcelona producer. Jim says "Alongside the archetypal DT percussive panorama there are guitar and bass swells that (and I hesitate to say this) carry a genuine 80's flavour, not in the usually touted cliche way, more like something that ... Keith Levene and Jah Wobble might have cooked up on their mellowest of mellow days."

- The LA Weekly backgrounds the history of LA girl band the Runaways, prior to the (fictional) movie coming out.

- Excellent interview with Dakings Gabe Roth, behind the scenes from Wax Poetics. Great read. It goes back to the early days, how Gabe started out in funk bands with Desco, and how he discovered Lee Fields and Sharon Jones. The best one is how he discovered Charles Bradley  - "He just turned up at my door one morning, said some drummer I knew sent him. I have no idea who he was talking about..."
"WaxPoetics interview with Desco/Daptone founder Gabe Roth aka producer Bosco Mann. Perhaps an article to rival the legendary Shitty is Pretty (I know Bjoern from Mocambo Records to name just one has it pinned to his wall…)" Hat tip to Groovement.

I recall reading an interview with local lad Brendan Moran, drummer for the Hasselhof Experiment, where he talked about Gabe's Shitty is Pretty articles, and how he learned some great info from it on how to record drums.

- Mos Dub - Vocals of rapper Mos Def with classic dub underneath. Check it here. Produced by Max Tannone, check his previous Jaydiohead (Jay Z & Radiohead)  / and Doublecheck your head (BEasties mashed up with themselves) here. Get at him on Twitter: @maxtannone

- Simon Grigg tells the tale of how he ended up at a celebrity wedding involving an All Black and a pop singer from True Bliss. True story.
- Vinyl junkies, pay attention! "Saturday 10 April is the next Record Collectors Fair. It's at is at the new venue - Kelson Community Hall, just off Great North Road, Awaroa Road, next to Waikumete Cemetery. This venue is bigger and better with more stall holders than ever before, more parking and a nicer location. Great atmosphere, good music (vinyl only), food and enjoyment.

The venue may be hard to find - entry is at the back of the building with plenty of parking available. $4 entry to the public. Thanks to Tradetech, George FM, Axent Audio, Audio Reference Co and The Shore Hifi Company for supporting the Record Fair". Good odds that soul/funk DJ Mister Murray Cammick will be there selling some goodies. Get in there!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Wanda Sykes does Erykah

Watch Wanda interview Erykah Badu, then show Wanda's own version of the controversial Windowseat video. Erykah seems to get the joke too, which is cool.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

RWC ad mashup

Poi-e replaces Jesus Jones cover?
I chopped this up over the weekend, following last weeks discussion on possible alternatives to the Feelers covering some English 90s pop band - someone suggested Poi-e.  P-Money did a great live remix of Poi-e and played it with the Patea Maori Club and Four Corners a few years back at the Silver Scroll Awards (watch it here) so I grabbed the audio for that and chucked it with the pictures. Boom! Enjoy.

 PS. Don't tell P-Money.

Link to youtube clip below

Monday, April 05, 2010

Guardian's obituary for Pauly Fuemana

This has recently gone up online, and is well worth a read. As Simon Grigg (Huh! Records), noted, via Twitter), "it's the only obit to date that hasn't mixed fact with bizarre fantasy." Written by expat Kiwi Garth Cartwright.

Kutiman tunes in

Kutiman  is Israeli musician Ophir Kutiel, who popped up in Nick D's TV show Making Tracks in the episode on Tel Aviv and that city's thriving music scene. Hes most well known for some amazing video mashups he did lifting musicians from youtube clips and chopping them together.

" What really makes Kutiman unique is his abhorrence of commercial recording; his samples hail from virtual unknowns and his work is distributed for free on the web. That's not to say that Thru-You is just some exercise in artistic egalitarian humanism. Kutiman's stubborn devotion to amateur YouTube artists would only amount to so much branded gimmickry if he were not remarkably adept at making exhilarating crazy-quilts from his dozens of moving parts."

Download some of Kutiman's tunes here, and read this great post from Tofu Hut via BV, lotsa good background info on Kutiman. And check his  Thru-You site for more music.

MTC responds to Dirty Sesh reports

MTC Records boss Kirk Harding has posted a response to much of the media frenzy on Dirty Sesh and his controversial video, here.  As Kirk says, "that if one publication gets their facts wrong, so do the rest.". He repeats his earlier apology over the video. Lesson learned, moving on. But no...

Late last week NZPA put out a story with quotes from Scribe, reacting to the video, and the NZPA story was picked up by TV3 and NZHerald. The story was called "Video controversy 'taking a toll' on Derty Sesh". (I wonder who wrote that story?)

Kirk is quoted in the article as allegedly having said Sesh was "exhausted from the whole ordeal, [and it was] affecting his music and his writing", but there's one tiny problem - Kirk says "I would be very interested to know where those quotes came from, because they are not mine" (see comments on TV3 story, where Kirk also says Dirty Sesh has just delivered 28 new songs for his next album, which contradicts the entire story). Making up quotes... really?

Scribe responded via Twitter, saying he was misquoted. "I will say it was correct the Im not a fan thing coz that's my personal opinion..The whole repurcussions thing was not what they said. The Q was "Would I be scared if Dirty Sesh came to my house?" Being a father with small children at my house I would knock anyone out... It wasn't a personal attack I meant in general... Anyone with bad intentions."

Binky Griptite (Dapkings) interview

With and intro from  Ms Sharon Jones, talking about when she first met Binky. "I first met Binky at a session for Lee Fields, it was on 42nd Street in Manhattan. He still had on big dreads he’d wear under a beanie that looked liked a turban. I think he was still playing with Antibalas at the time..."

Binky, on his role as show MC for Sharon Jones and the Dapkings... "There are a lot of great bands that seem to deny that they are in showbiz. I take my showbiz very seriously."

On recording on 8 track reel to reel tape rather than Protools:  "Having only 8 tracks forces you to get to the point. It also forces you to make decisions on the spot. People have been overproducing records for years; the computer just makes that a little bit easier..."

Read it here, at Nerdtorious, the excellent blog of writer David Ma (Wax Poetics XLR8R, Pitchfork).  There's a ton of great stuff over there to read. Photo: Nerdtorious

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Feelers recorded RWC ad song for free.

I heard a rumour to the effect last week that the Feelers had recorded the Jesus Jones cover for free (which seems absurd, unless they got really good free seats for the RWC in exchange) , and it was confirmed in the Sunday News by Hamish Gee of the Feelers. Gee says that "If there was a New Zealand song, no matter how good that song was, then for people in Argentina who don't know that song it won't have as much impact. I am not a marketing genius, but I think it is smart to use a song that everyone will recognise."

A song that people will recognise on the global (read - rugby-playing) stage is a top idea, but it's arguable whether Right Here Right Now is a song everyone will recognise, given it was a hit in a small number of countries, mainly English-speaking ones, like the US, UK, and NZ. I think that a one hit wonder from 1991is probably not going to be that widely recognised. This is basically a lost chance to push some NZ songwriter out to the world.

There's no reason for the NZ RWC organisers to be patriotic just to please a bunch of whiners, but there is an opportunity to showcase what makes special, but that doesn't appear in teh ads either - maybe they will showcase NZ in subsequent ads  - this is just the start of the campaign, after all. And it can only improve from here.

Arch Hill's Ben Howe wrote an interesting post on it, have a look... "latest blog on various music biznez, Taite prize, Jesus Jones etc " @archhillmystery via Twitter

ADDED From NZ Herald: "Former NZ Idol judge and music industry professional Paul Ellis said the choice of song was "lazy" and the job should have been given to a local band. The well-informed Ellis said the initial contract to use the song for the ad would be worth about $200,000 and the artist would also receive royalties."

Happy birthday, Marvin Gaye

Special Marvin Gaye mix from DJ Spinna, grab it here. Also,  Spinna's Sade mix from a while back over here.

EMI faces tough times with bank

"EMI faces being taken over by its bankers after breaching its debt covenants following its failure to clinch a deal with rival Universal to sell its distribution rights in North America for around £200m.[EMI has also been rumoured to be in talks with other major labels trying to license its catalogue for some immediate cash].

An agreement was viewed as critical if the British-based music company, owned by private equity firm Terra Firma, was to avoid breaching the terms of its debts following a £4.2bn buyout in 2007. Terra Firma, headed by British financier Guy Hands, owes £3bn to Citigroup linked to the transaction, which was clinched on the eve of the credit crunch.

Now Terra Firma must go to its investors in a bid to raise £120m by 12 June or face the prospect of Citigroup seizing control of the business. In normal circumstances, Citigroup could take over EMI now, but under the terms of its so-called "covenant lite" lending agreement, the bank agreed to allow the music company breathing space to make good any breach." From the Guardian

EMI's owners, Terra Firma, face debt that "now stands at more than £3 billion, compared to the £2.4 billion purchase price." From Hits Daily Double.

Erykah Badu gets fined over video

From Gawker: "Erykah Badu's naked video shoot earned her a disorderly conduct charge after some prude Texas lady filed an indecency complaint. Now Erykah owes the Dallas Police Department a $500 fine. If you didn't see it, here are the naked Erykah Badu pictures. She crawled around naked on the sidewalk in the plaza where JFK was assassinated." [TMZ, TMZ]