Sunday, April 25, 2010

BIGFM sold to Kirby bros

BIGFM launched in November 2008, and is being sold to Thane and Richard Kirby, both ex-GeorgeFM. The deal was hinted at in Friday's NZ Herald, here. with a rumoured $2m sale price. Here's the official press release...


New format BIG TIME FM goes to air 1 May

There's a new not-so-secret secret set to send shockwaves through the New Zealand radio industry! The Kirby brothers are back in business.

Broadcasting brothers Thane and Richard Kirby have purchased BIG FM 106.2FM in Auckland, as they say, for an undisclosed sum.

Tune in from next Saturday (May 1, 2010) from 7am as the two entrepreneurs of independent radio take hold of BIG and kick off a 'spoiler' format called BIG TIME. The guys are in a holding pattern until their shiny new format is revealed in June.

"The new format is under wraps at present," Thane says, "but we guarantee it's going to provide a new offering not currently catered for by any other station in New Zealand."

Thane Kirby is the founder of George FM, UpFM, Base FM and the now defunct alternative music telly channel he doesn't really like talking about, ALT TV - "Similar to the channel Mediaworks' C42 is about to launch in May," he says.

Thane is also a consultant to Radio Ponsonby 107.7FM and continues to assist with the station's phenomenal growth.

Richard Kirby is keen as mustard to get his teeth back into the Auckland radio market and win the ears of listeners region-wide.

"Ask me about our creds and I'll tell you we both have more than credible backgrounds in broadcasting and have worked for greater successes than some of the more senior members of the local radio business."

The brothers are set to become one of the biggest independent radio operators in the country. Despite the demise of BIG FM they say there is some good news for a few of the station's former staff.

"The pick of the bunch will be recruited to work on the new station," Richard says, "because the new format will adhere to and respect the 'Auckland-ness' and 'community' feel that BIG FM fostered."

Big FM Director Jeff Down is pleased the station has sold to passionate radio people. "The MED is transferring the licence and the transition from BIG FM into BIG TIME should run smoothly."

So put down this release, find a beer and toast the little guys who are about to battle through the current economic climate and the foreign-owned radio networks just to provide the public with a credible source of entertainment.

"We both love radio and enjoy a good challenge so give us a listen from May 1," says Thane.


Anonymous said...

So does anyone know what will happen to Brent and Lance!

Anonymous said...

Brent moved overseas. Big FM appears to be off the air now anyway.

Anonymous said...

The kirby brothers. Massively successful guys. This is the definitive list of successful business ventures these guys have been involved in below. I'm glad they purchased the station as I'm sure it will be another great great success for them.

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