Friday, December 02, 2005

Warners NZ/FMR buyout - Shayne Carter still has a job
"Warner Music New Zealand will take on the entire local/international artist roster which is signed and licensed to Festival Mushroom Records New Zealand and Australia... Ashley Page, A & R Manager at Festival Mushroom, will join Warner Music NZ as the A & R Manager, responsible for all domestic artists signed to Warner Music and Festival Mushroom." More here.

FFD Chart Watch
FFD slip from #1 to#4. Congrats to Retrun of Fly My Pretties, which debuts at #14. NZ Idol winner Rosita Vai's album has dropped off the charts just a month after release. Her single is at #19, down from #13. Is the NZIdol concept dead as far as album sales go? Idolblog notes that the album has failed to go gold.
ADDED: Idolblog lists Rosita's chart placings - 1st week: #15, 2nd week: #25, 3rd week: #33, 4th week, drops out of top 40.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Is that a fact?
Just discovered Fact magazine, fulla useful stuff like Top Ten Records from Jazzie B (Soul II Soul) snip...
“I started collecting records as a 12-year-old. I’ve still got a few thousand records stashed away at my mum’s place. All my brothers were DJs and soundmen. As a result, my collection stretches right back to the early-‘70s. I had to move everything a few years back into my current house, and I said then, right ‘that’s it, this is where they’re staying’. I’ve got about 15,000 records here, and then huge, huge crates of CDs over in Antigua. My whole family are into vinyl, into collecting.

I guess the most valuable one would be a promo copy of the Jones Girls’ ‘Would You Be There’ on Paramount. Apparently, there were only 500-copies of this pressing made. I’ve been offered £7,000 for it from Japanese collectors. Funnily enough, it’s the only record in my collection that I don’t play!”

Here's a few more ten best..
10 BEST LIBRARY MUSIC Johnny Trunk hits us with his second collectors chart, this time plumbing the murky depths of T.V and Radio ballast..
10 BEST JAMAICAN SKA 45s Gaz Mayall selects ten of his favourite authentic Jamaican ska sevens...
20 BEST MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS Let Johnny Trunk be your guide to soundtracks so wonderful you could happily die to them...
20 BEST ITALO-DISCO RECORDS Fabio Carnel suggests 20 Italo-disco workouts to make you 'shack'...
20 BEST BRAZILIAN RECORDS Joe davis reveals 20 of his most treasured Brazilian beauties..
20 BEST FUNK SEVEN-INCHES Gerald ‘The Jazzman’ picks 20 of the very best and god-darn funkiest 45s ever created...
20 BEST HIP-HOP ALBUMS Peter Shapiro proudly unveils hip-hop 'golden' platters...
all linked here...

Two hits from Coolfer...
• How to convert your vinyl LPs to digital files. (Chicago Tribune)

• Dumbest line written by a journalist this year: "Downloading music over the Web is no longer illegal if you buy it," compliments of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

More stupidity from music industry... (via Boingboing)
RIAA targets mashups
MashupTown, a site that hosts and distributes mashups (two or more songs ingeniously mixed together to make a third) has taken down all of its files after complaints from the RIAA to its hosting partner.
Mashups are a really dumb target for the RIAA. There's just no universe in which someone who downloads a mashup of Prince's 1999 and the Benny Goodman orchestra performing "In the Mood" thinks, Well, now I've heard that, I have no need to buy the CDs those songs originated on.
In other words, if the RIAA genuinely only goes after its customers because it wants to keep from losing sales, attacking mashups won't and can't accomplish that. This action amounts to the RIAA saying, "This art is illegal because it displeases us."

Monday, November 28, 2005

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Saturday November 26
Prince Fatty - Nina's dance
Leroy Sibbles - Groove me
Peak - Get Carter
Mulatu Astatke - Yegella Tezeta
Talib Kweli - Right about now
Antibalas - Che che cole makossa
Tenor Saw - Golden hen
Ranking Joe - Don't follow Babylon (BAF meets Wai Wan remix)
Blufoot vs Jstar feat Inifinite Livez - Intchaaa!
Diskettes - How bizarre
Rare earth - Big John is my name
Damian Marley - Move
David Walters - Mesy bon dye (Bigga Bush remix)
DJ C - Billy jungle
Nextmen feat Dynamite MC - Blood fire
International Observer - Welcome
Aretha Franklin - Jump
(from the movie soundtrack Sparkle, written and produced by Curtis Mayfiled)
Sly and the Family Stone - Loose booty
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Bitch dub
Jackie Mittoo - One step forward
Bic Runga - Something good (Submariner remix feat Feelstyle)
Born Jamericans - Boom shakatak remix
Link Wray (RIP) - Rumble
Run DMC - My Adidas (Nomadic remix)
Yabby You - Turn me loose dub
Mere Mortalz feat U Brown - Dis-a-boom
Suns of Arqa - Acid tabla remix
Emmanuel feat KRS One - My thing!! remix
Cymande - The message

thanks to Big Matt for holding it down last weekend, while I was down Taranaki.