Friday, November 26, 2004

Teddy bear antics
Kanye West's debut album is easily one of the most exciting records to come out this year. It's certainly the most unconventional-sounding hiphop record to make it big on the charts. Recently West has been getting a little uptight; witness his antics at the American Music Awards, where he didn't win Best New Artist and stormed out in protest...

from My Stunted Growth...
[West said] "I think that as Best New Artist, I feel robbed. I won't be giving any politically correct answer to that. I was the best New Artist this year so get that other bullshit outta here. I walked out when they announced Best New Artist. If I'm not here for political reasons next year, you'll still be hearing my music...something real."
Okay, so Kanye loses to this country artist Gretchen Wilson at the AMA where Usher won 4 awards and Bon Jovi got a special merit award ( I guess for trying to remain relevent after the 1980's) and he's upset?!? He should be happy, but instead he throws a little tantrum like a little bitch."
Read the whole piece here. Its titled "Kanye West is an overrated, egotistical hack and he wears shirts with Teddy Bears". Owww!

In Exciting Rock News, the band formerly known as Thin White Rock Gods have picked up some aging folk singer's engineer to mix their new album... the headline in the Dom Post reads "Shihad uses Bob Dylan's engineer". Just as well the gent in question, one Chris Shaw, has worked with the likes of Public Enemy, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Cheap Trick. Bet it was the latter that swung the lads, right? Bah.

'I always thought we'd be as big as Radiohead'
What happens when a group £1.2m in debt tours for the last time? Dave Simpson joins the Beta Band to find out...

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Dignity and celebrity
Check the great Jack and Meg White interview over at the Observer - the edited version is here, longer transcript here.

OMM: Dignity and celebrity are two words that don't really belong in the same sentence.
JW: Yeah, but they used to. They really used to. I think Frank Sinatra was dignified. But it's been lost. We don't have a Frank Sinatra nowadays, or a Patti Page nowadays. What do we have? Ashley Simpson instead of Patti Page! I mean look at those people - Hilary Duff and Ashley Simpson and Paris Hilton! Who are all these skanks, man! Little girls are looking up to these girls, and it's gross, so gross.
Those girls have no dignity at all, and parents are letting their kids dress up like those skanks. But what else have they got? What are the other choices? Oh well, hahaha. (uncontrollably laughing) Somebody had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to play guitar Lindsay Lyons'[Lohan] album! Hahahaha! She's another one of those sixteen-year-old actresses, and she's making an album. 'Like, No', hahaha!"

But wait, there's more...

Comic Steve Coogan and White Stripes frontman Jack White worked together on Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes, but never actually met. Here's what happened when they were offered the chance to meet online.

Last week I fired some interesting questions that Act MP Deborah Coddington was throwing round in Parliament about TVNZ over to Russell Brown - in this morning's Herald there's some more TV related news from Ms Coddington - could they be connected?

"Claims that a TVNZ manager was dismissed from television production company South Pacific Pictures after allegations of financial mismanagement had no substance, Mr Fraser told the committee. Act MP Deborah Coddington had made the claim about the head of commissioning and production Tony Holden.
Mr Fraser said TVNZ knew there had been a dispute over "money and content rights" between Mr Holden and the company, but it had been rapidly settled.
Mr Fraser said TVNZ had a robust recruitment process for checking prospective employees, and an enormous amount of checking had been done on Mr Holden. "No one was charged, there was no conviction for any crime."