Friday, November 05, 2004

Working for the clampdown.
The 25th anniversary reissue of London Calling finally came out here last week, and damn it's good. I was surprised at how well it's aged. I remember first hearing it when I was at school - one of my friends had a copy and I went round to his house one weekend to listen to it. I went back to his place the following weekend and taped it onto cassette, but didn't manage to fit it all on one C90 tape, so when I hear it now there's songs on it that I barely know, cos they didn't make it onto my cassette copy. In retrospect, even tho I heard this album around ten years before we recorded the first Hallelujah Picassos album, I can definitely see the influence this album had on me, as a music fan and musician. Connects a few dots, you know? Aint hindsight grand?

C4 played the DVD [that comes with the 25th Anniversary edition] on the making of London Calling earlier in the week, and are screening it again tonight at 10pm. There's some great tales of The Clash taking a break from rehearsing when their record company would come down to visit - they'd go off and play 5 a side football with the record execs, and apparently the games got pretty brutal, with The Clash belting the ball (and the opposition) round the field. Paul Simenon compliments his fellow band members on their footie skills, and describes his own skills by noting that when he got the ball everyone would run away, as what he lacked in skill he made up for with agression. Rolling Stone magazine voted London Calling as the number one album of the 80s; Joe Strummer's reaction? Watch it and find out, I aint giving away all the good lines.

After a week in Jesusland covering the US election, Radar sounds keeen to get home...
"All I could think was that with the result decided I could return home to a country where I can eat at a restaurant without having to look at myriad people with plastic oxygen tubes protruding from their noses and attached to industrial size oxygen tanks." Read his latest column here.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sartorial wisdom

Tshirt guy

check the guy's t-shirt, top left. (Tip of the hat to O-dub)

A few months back I was speculating with some friends on what Bush would do after declaring 'mission accomplished' in Iraq - I suggested that if he wins re-election, he'd shift the troops next door and invade Iran. Now Bob Mould brings this up in his latest post... "I fear there will be a reinstatement of a draft, particularly if we choose to invade Iran next year..." Hans has a great map of the United States of Jesusland (via Daily Kos). It's a much better arrangement of the red and blue states - the latter become part of Canada. Boing Boing reader Pete Setchell says, "There is still one chance to get him [Bush] out of the White House - send him a pack of pretzels to celebrate his victory. I've just sent some via Amazon."
Q-Burns Abstract Message sent this to Boing Boing: "Bill Hicks once told a story about an American friend of his who complained about the USA. When told, "well, if you don't like it then move somewhere else" the friend's reply would be, "What? And become a victim of our foreign policy?"

Wonkette's Post-Election Media Glossary (First in a Series)
What reporters really mean (whether talking to colleagues, boss, or you):
"The internet propagated bogus information." = "We fucked up."
"Bloggers let the cat out of the bag." = "We believed those polls, too."
"Oh, that room service bill includes laundry." = "I emptied the mini-bar."
"That was quite a night, huh?" = "What's your name again?"
"Truly, this is a divided America." = "I am planning on resorting to tired red/blue stereotypes for another four years."
"President Bush is has a mandate." = "We didn't believe that 380 ton thing either."
"We're all just glad it's over." = "Mr. McClellan, you look tense, can I rub your shoulders?"
"This is a vindication for Karl Rove's strategy" = "We won't tell criminal prosecutor about your Plame leak."
"Will Bush govern from the middle?" = "Will I have to talk to Christians?"
"President Bush is joined by his family." = "I can see Jenna's Barbara's nipples."

UPDATE: Greil Marcus looks into the future and writes up George W Bush's obituary.
"Policy Review, October 5, 2018--George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States, died today at Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. He was 72. .." The last line is hilarious.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

You like to watch?
The NZ Herald mentions the tv coverage available here on the US election. If you're in Auckland, skip TV One; your best best is Triangle TV, who are taking feeds from Voice of America and others from 8.30 pm till 11 pm. Their website also lists the following coverage... US ELECTIONS COVERAGE: Midday from TV5 France, 1PM from CCTV4 China, 2PM from DW Germany, 2.50PM from NHK Japan, 3PM Journal, 4PM PBS USA, 7PM Journal, 9PM Journal, 10PM Voice of America.
TV One has coverage all afternoon from 2 til 6pm, but this is probably going to be pretty lightweight as the final polling booths don't close in the US til 6pm our time. Still, might be fun watching Mark Sainsbury and co making a little go a long way.
Meanwhile, sleaze gets the thumbs up at the Whitehouse...
UPDATE: Mystery Pollster has the lowdown on what the exit polls really mean.

Monday, November 01, 2004


Steady Rocking, Bay Area Style.
Romanowski is a San Francisco DJ/producer (pictured above, rocking it Mickey Mouse styles) who "considers sneaking into his mother's liquor cabinet and record collection his introduction to the DJ lifestyle. Booze and Beatles albums gave way to old school rap and early electronica, a combination he spun together at the age of 14 in his native Zurich, Switzerland." He moved to San Fran in 92, and his debut as a producer was a collaboration in 2001 with graffiti artist/producer Doze Green on the Future Primitive Sounds label under the name Aromadozeski Therapy (check his bio at the Future Primitive site).
He debuted earlier this year with the 'Steady Rocking - Romanowski in a Jamaican stylee' EP - there's a few very tasty samples you can download over here - check out 'Why' and 'Speaking Of', a few downtempo reggae groovers, thoroughly reccomended. Scissorkick has some samples from his next EP over here, more uptempo funk malarkey. It's a party in my pants, like the man says.
Peter Urlich: Oh, the screaming silence.
The Herald On Sunday had Ben Lummis as one of its cover stories yesterday. It talked about his second single from his first album flopping, the trials of building a career (he's playing school fairs these days), and what he's planning next. The story continues inside the paper, under the title "Fallen Idle: Is Ben's dream over?" The cover headline said "I wish people would take me seriously". Boo hoo. Poor starving artist.
According to HOS reporter Amanda Spratt, Lummis is currently working on his third album. What happened to his second album, then? Slight factual inconsistency there. Still, Spratt runs the numbers on Lummis' album sales, and notes that revenue from his 30,000 album sales would be negligible, "as artists do best if they've written the song". After promotional costs, videos and BMG and Idol creator Simon Fuller take their cut, she suggests that Lummis is probably even. (I wrote about this back in May, when BMG marketing manager Jake Shand said to the Sunday Star Times that the winner of NZ Idol would be well rewarded: "For them not to make any money is not a reality. I'd be astounded if they didn't." He aint out buying houses, tho, is he?)
Lummis doesn't know how much he earns each week, but says its better than what he was getting as a teacher's aide. Several NZ music biz movers and shakers pitched in their thoughts, including Peter Urlich. 'New Zealand, say music industry gurus, is a tough crowd to serenade. Urlich, depite his screaming silence when told of the success, or lack thereof, of Lummis' follow-up single, has faith... "You have to leave, have some success in another market. It's going to be an uphill battle. It comes down to songs. You need great songs."' Just watch out for that screaming silence.

Isn't it ironic?
The Beastie Boys are on the cover of the latest issue of Wired magazine, with the entertaining headline "The Beastie Boys; fight for your right to copy", which is hilarious, coming from a group whose latest album was copy protected, much to the chagrin of their fans. Wired comes with a free cd featuring music distributed under the Creative Commons license. Looks like a good read, apart from the dodgy cover line. Public Enemy, Dangermouse, Thievery Corp and Gilberto Gil feature also. There's more about the CD here.
"Rip, mix, burn. Swap till you drop. The music cops can't do a thing - it's 100 percent legal, licensed by the bands. Call it copyright for the 21st century."

"I'm the old git with the chick, the Roller and the rock band'" - Iggy Pop interviewed by the Guardian's Miranda Sawyer. She gets a look round his house in Miami.
"...Iggy takes me on a tour. His place is small but stuffed: Haitian love goddesses battle it out with Mexican madonnas on Italian marble tops and Chinese antique dressers, which cuddle up to cow-skinned chairs, curly mirrors, a cartoon of the serial killer Carl Panzram, a 'cut-up' work by a contemporary of William Burroughs, Brion Gysin. There's an Iggy painting of a Stooges gig on one wall; a Shirelles CD sits like a single on the old record player..." interviews Olu Dara, musican and father of Nas. Dara features on his son's new album, on the tune Bridging the Gap. Wicked tune.