Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Alison Annan is a freaking nutcase (and cheerleader for illiteracy)
The disgraced former principal of Cambridge High School decided to scrap the school's library - "In March last year, Mrs Annan said many students were doing their research online and the non-fiction section of the library was not being used enough." WTF?
She wanted to put in a cybercafe instead, using a $1.5m capital building grant. Nice little money earner.

"School commissioner Dennis Finn said the old library building at the school was barren and empty, with the only books now stored in individual classrooms. The school would have to find new books to stock the library and he was looking at funding options. "There is certainly enough support for this to happen." Finn has confirmed the school's library, which former principal Alison Annan got rid of last year, would return "The library is coming back," he said. (from NZPA report.)

How much did she get paid out, again? (Abstract side thought: Did any members of the Datsuns go to this school?)

Speakling of the Datsuns...

"... Lead singer and bassist Dolf, 25, was shocked to be called a transvestite in Leeds, England by some 10-year-olds, but Christian, who has longer curly hair and wears a bunch of rock pins on his jacket, seems to be a lightning rod for attacks.
"I don't feel like I've arrived in a place until I've been called a fag, and I've been pretty much called a fag in every country, except Japan," he says, recalling a recent night in Manhattan when he was taunted by some drunk frat boys.
"It's just a common occurrence. But that's what you discover when you travel around. London is just as bad," says Dolf, referring to their current hometown.
The crazy thing is, these guys, who don't sport goth tattoos or a load of metal piercings, aren't that outrageous-looking. And in spirit, they're more Monkees than Metallica."
From the New York Post. Next time the lads play in that town is in December, supporting the Pixies. Wicked.

Monday, October 04, 2004

P Money does some arse kicking.
I went to the Aotearoa Hiphop Summit at the weekend, saw some wicked graffiti art including some cars getting painted (nice work, Sparrow!), some good hiphop and some not so good hiphop. There are a lot of local hiphop albums dropping in the next month - for example, RES, Alphrisk and The Feelstyle all release their albums Oct 11. Grant Smithies noted in the Sunday Star Times yesterday that...

Lately there have been substantially more local hip-hop records on the radio, video clips on TV and CDs being sold than ever before. "Behold the long-awaited flowering of Aotearoa's hip-hop underground!" cry the grateful multitudes, including me. Virtually every recorded utterance by a local rapper is declared not just socially relevant but witty, wise and original beyond measure. Lift up the hoodie of any passing local rapper and you'll find big bruises from too much back-patting. Well, P Money isn't among those doing the patting....
"Look, nobody could doubt that I love New Zealand hip-hop, but it doesn't help the music to just say everything that's made here is great. A lot of mediocre local songs are currently getting thrashed on the radio. We need to stop being stoked just because NZ rap songs are finally on the radio, and start trying to get better rap songs on it. Everyone needs to push themselves harder." A big sigh billows down the phone, followed by a phrase you'd expect from a frowning grandad: "I mean, where's the work ethic?"

Read more here, or here (if the SST has hidden it behind their stupid archive).