Friday, July 02, 2004

The great unwashed.
Last night on the Newshour, Law Professor Michael Scharf (director of the War Crimes Research Office at Case Western Reserve University; he's recently returned from Iraq, where he was helping train judges) talked about the tribunal set up to try Saddam and his associates.

"The Iraqi special court statute was drafted by the United States, given to the provisional government and then ratified by the new government.
The statute does not look like a traditional Iraqi court. Instead it looks more like the Yugoslavia tribunal or the Rwanda tribunal or even more ironically the new International Criminal Court that the Bush administration opposes."

This last point highlights what may become a key problem in this trial - as the Guardian notes...
"Both the US and the new Iraqi leadership want to run the trial themselves and resisted any suggestion of creating an independent, internationally staffed war crimes tribunal like those working on the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. That fits comfortably with Washington's reluctance to sign up to the International Criminal Court, but inevitably means a shortage of experience and the danger of vengeful justice."

On a brighter note Te Radar has been scaring small children in the South Island. Using a longdrop with no door, what was he thinking?

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I am a vinyl addict.
From the crate diggers forum on DJ Norman Jay's website...

"Dear Norman and the crate diggers gang:HOW MANY RECORDS DO YOU OWN?
This may be a very personal question so apologies if I cause offence. Its just that Norman was buying records since 1967 when he was 10, and all you guys seem to come out with a zillion and one amazing tunes! It makes my 2000 or so records seem very inadequate!
You guys must have a separate house to store that vinyl!

Dayo: "When the Budget is tight and i promise my Wife that i will cut down on the Record buying, i then would often walk into Reckless and see some tunes i have been after for a while.. I then would buy them and when i get home i throw them in through the Guest room window. One day after doing this again, and sneaking to the Guest Room to pick up my ‘stash’ which would then be secretly transferred to the ‘vaults’, guess who i saw waiting in the Guest Room for me? (LOL!!!!!). Yep! You guessed it, it was my darling Wife. She later told me, that on one occasion the thud of the records landing was so loud that, she had planned to lie in wait for me the next time...hahahahahahaha

Norman responds...
"Listen up CS - having 2000 or so records is NOTHING to feel ashamed of nor to be sniffed at. So long as it's full of stuff you yourself love. The fact is personally speaking, I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW HOW MANY RECORDS I'VEGOT!!! Then I would be able to HONESTLY answer you (and countless others) who have asked me this same question forever and a day HA! HA!. But as you can imagine, I'd walk up Mount Everest BACKWARDS!!! before i would embark on the nigh on impossible (and probably thankless) task of counting 'em...."

At last count I have about 1200 records and 400 CDs. Not many, if any. It's only like, 10 crates. And I regularly get rid of stuff I don't listen to, and there are worse addictions, and...

Monday, June 28, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a joke.
Aint no joke, "In its opening weekend Fahrenheit topped the box office, taking $8.2 million. It opened in only 868 cinemas nationwide. For comparison, the much-hyped movie White Chicks, which opened at the same time but in a total of 2726 cinemas, took $6.7m."

Here's a few reactions to the film...
"One cinemagoer in Alabama said his local cinema in Mobile was filled to capacity, despite living in an area where, he said, “even the liberals are conservative”.
The viewer added: “I heard something I have never heard at a movie in Mobile before – applause. Giant, cheerful applause as the credits began to roll for a film that I was just sure I’d have the theatre to myself for.”
One Texan moviegoer said: “Living in Houston, heart of Bush country, my whole family including in-laws piled into three cars and went to the opening ... we were surprised to find the showing sold out at the first theatre, but managed to find seats at the second we tried.
“We loved the movie, which gave us real hope that freedom and democracy will return to this great country in November [at the presidential election]. The audience gave a long ovation at the end.” Moore says that Bush spent 42% of his first 8 months in office on vacation (source: Washington Post).

Tattoo You
I had the pleasure of DJing with that fine fellow Simon Chaplin on saturday night, at the opening of Illicit Clothings latest venture, Illicit HQ, a tattoo shop on K Rd. When Martin Emond passed away, he'd just started training as a tattooist, and the shop is a tribute to Martin - it was one of the ideas that he and Steve from illicit had been talking about before Martin took his leave. It's a very cool shop; a long narrow space (ex Pascoes Jewellers), with some Illicit clothing available, and a room down the back with Martin's huge toy collection in rows of shelves. If you're in the K Rd area, drop in and have a lookee. Marty would've dug it.
On the way up to K Rd on the bus (cos I travel to all my gigs in chauffuer-driven luxury, right?), I passed a busker on Queen St, jamming out Sweet Child Of Mine, Martin's fave tune. It was a terrible version.