Friday, June 25, 2004

Hey Fuck You.
There's a song on the new Beastie Boys album called Hey Fuck You. You think Dick Cheney might be a fan? "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vice President Dick Cheney blurted out the 'F word' at Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont during a heated exchange on the Senate floor, congressional aides said on Thursday.
The incident occurred on Tuesday in a terse discussion between the two that touched on politics, religion and money, with Cheney finally telling Leahy to 'f--- off' or 'go f--- yourself,' the aides said.
'I think he was just having a bad day,' Leahy was quoted as saying on CNN, which first reported the incident. 'I was kind of shocked to hear that kind of language on the floor.'
According to congressional aides, Leahy said hello to Cheney following the taking of the Senate group photo on the floor of the chamber.
Cheney, who is president of the Senate, then ripped into Leahy for the Democratic senator's criticism this week of alleged war profiteering in Iraq by Halliburton, the oil services company that Cheney once ran. "
Ah, turn up the heat.

J is for Jurassic
Jurassic 5 play in Auckland early August, makes up for their no-show in October last year - they did more Oz gigs instead. Here's an interview with DJ Nu-Mark from J5...
Y: How do your parents feel about your job? They wouldn't prefer it if you were, say, an x-ray technician? (Readers Note: DJ Nu-Mark did in fact once work as an x-ray technician).
NM: Oh God, no. I don't know, I mean if I was unhappy my mother for sure would be like: yo, you need to get out of this profession. But she sees that I'm happy doing what I'm doing, so she's happy for me.
Y: Did you ever find something really cool inside someone?
NM: A lot of people get sex-toys caught in them for some reason...

Y: And finally, if you had to liken the members to J5 to Sesame Street cast members, who would be who?
NM: (doesn't miss a beat) Chali 2Na would be Big Bird, Soup would be Cookie Monster because he loves cookies, Seven would be Bert, and Cut (Chemist) would be Oscar the Grouch. I guess I'd be Ernie. Who am I missing? Nope, that's everyone.
Read the rest of it here. DJ Nu-Mark is top right in the photo.He's got a beats album out in July, called Blendcrafters, its wicked.

Radar on point
From this morning's NZ Herald, Radars latest column...
"... These pages have been inundated with the superstitious claptrap of those associated with organisations such as the Maxim Institute. These self-proclaimed moral guardians are the people who put the mental into fundamentalism." Go, Radar!
He and Team Classic won the Auckland heat of the 48 Hour filmaking competition, clever chap.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Ch-ch-check it out.
The new Beastie Boys album may or may not automatically install a virus in your computer if you listen to it via that method.The Register has some advice on how to check for this, if it is in fact true. Beasties fans are discussing this on the Beasties website. Their website administrator has said... "Just to clarify, here's the deal with the copy protection on the CD:
a) The copy protection is in all territories except the US and UK - US and UK discs do not have this protection on them;
b) All EMI CDs are treated this way, TT5B isn't protected in any special way;
c) Beastie Boys would have preferred not to have the copy protection, but weren't allowed to go against EMI policy in these territories."

Oh, so it's not the Beasties fault, it's their evil label. The one that paid for the studio they built in NY, just like the one they paid for in LA. But it appears from comments by their fans that the copy-protected cd is being sold in the States.
Their webmaster also adds that "The copy protection system used for all EMI/Capitol releases including "To the 5 Boroughs" is Macrovision's CDS-200, which sets up an audio player into the users RAM (not hard drive) to playback the RED book audio on the disk. It does absolutely NOT install any kind of spyware, shareware, silverware, or ladies wear onto the users system. You can find more information on the technology used here:"

Except Phillips, who helped establish the Red Book audio standard for CDs back in the early 80s refuse to recognise such copy-protected cds as complying with those standards, as they are corrupted CDs!
It does install a player when you first load it in your computer, and you can navigate to find where the uninstall feature is on the cd, cept clicking uninstall seems to do nothing - it uninstalls in less than a second, which makes me think it doesn't really uninstall at all, just gives the appearance of doing so.

UPDATE: From Russell Browns Hard News... "EMI is effectively installing a virus. If EMI really wants legislators to go ahead and forcibly remove its copyrights, it's going precisely the right way about it. Don't you dare, ever install anything on my computer without telling me, okay? Bastards."

Monday, June 21, 2004

Enough. Stop now!
Someone's done a new bunch of Jay Z remixes - Jayzeezer - Jay Z vs Weezer. Groan (his best effort is his remix called Jay Zena - '99 luft balloons' with '99 problems' vocal over the top, truly absurd).
Here's a list of all the remixes done so far, from Jay Z vs Prince, Rage Against The Black Album - Jay-Z vs Rage Against The Machine, Jay-Z vs Kenny G, to Jay Z vs Grateful Dead. Warning; listening to this unimaginative tripe could damage your finely honed sense of irony.

Hiphop artist Michael Franti is touring the Middle East, performing solo. Here's his report from Baghdad... heres an excerpt...

"... Singing in the hospitals is a really amazing and intense experience for me, because it's hard to know what to say. I don't speak Arabic, and most people don't speak any English at all. So, you're there witnessing children with no limbs, children who are going through chemotherapy, adults that have incredibly infected legs that are about to receive amputations, and it's so moving that it's hard for me to even sing. You see a lot pain. There's no nurses or very few nurses in the hospitals, so family members sleep in the hospital with their children or their loved ones. Most of the time in the same bed. Some mothers are there 24 hours a day with their children. So, I sing songs to the mothers, and the mothers begin to weep. I begin to weep, and the children begin to weep, you know..."

Sunday, June 20, 2004

There's this old Polynesian bloke out at the Otahuhu markets on a sunday morning, selling bags of peanuts. His sales pitch is a giggle... "get your peanuts here, only $4 a bag, the best peanuts in the whole wide world, get you peanuts here..." He has confidence in his product, lots of it. We got up early(ish) and got there about 9am. The markets start at 6am, go til midday, in the Workingmans Club carpark on Atkinson Ave.
Have you ever noticed that if you compliment a Kiwi on a clothing item, they'll say thanks and then tell you how cheap it was (it was a bargain, it was on sale)? Well, I'm no different. I got two beanies (one with Northside embroidered on it, cos I aint Southside), a cap, some silverbeet (99c), 5 pairs of sox and some home made chocolate chip cookies, all for $20. It's a great market, excellent range of cheap veges, fine mix of cultures, and baragains galore. Thanks to the ad on Triangle TV for the tip - gee, advertising works, who knew?

Went and saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night, the latest film from the pen of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman. Stars Jim Carrey as a man who goes to a clinic to get the memory of his former girlfriend (played by Kate Winslet) erased, then changes his mind halfway thru the procedure, while asleep. It's a brilliant play with memory, and the humour is wonderfully dark.
It's a pleasant reminder that Carrey is a good actor when he gets decent material, rather than just pulling faces and being a goofball. I always thought he was a one note actor til I saw the Truman Show and discovered otherwise. Its directed by Michel Gondry, who has a background in music videos (White Stripes, Steriogram - the knitting video), like Kaufmans previous collaborator, Spike Jonze. Speaking of which...

Six Must-see Music Documentary Films In The Film Festival (as selected by myself)
Lists are part of blogging - I don't know why, and I'm sure there's an etiquette guide on this I could probably read, but really, who would?
1. Ramones - End of the Century
2. Spike Jonze Rarities
3. Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

They employed a group therapist to the tune of $40,000 to help them deal with recording their latest album. Yay for corporate rock!
4. The Mayor of Sunset Strip
"Rodney Bingenheimer has been at the influential Los Angeles rock station KROQ-FM since 1976. He’s been instrumental in breaking the Sex Pistols, Blondie, Nirvana, Oasis and Coldplay and many other bands into the US market". He looks like Sonny Bono, which is funny cos he's posing with Cher in the photo in the festival brochure.
5. Frodo Is Great... Who Is That?!!
Wellington musician/actor Bret Mckenzie (Black Seeds/Video Kid/Flight of the Conchords) appeared in Lord of The Rings for 3 seconds. Now he has LOTR fans turning up to see him perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest. His character has been dubbed Figwit(short for Frodo Is Great... Who Is That?!!)
6. Michel Gondry Retrospective
Also, check out these documentaries - Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator, Persons of Interest (codirected by expat Alison Maclean), Kaikohe Demolition, and Supersize Me. Above selection highly subjective, don't blame me if you take these seriously and they suck. Forget the usual festival fare - if it's in English or French, it will probably come back. Go out on the edges, that's where the juicy stuff is. Like Ant Timpsons 'Incredible Cinema' selections.... The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, hell yeah!

Merlin Luck is one sharp cookie....
"Big Brother evictee Merlin's protest in support of refugees demonstrates contestants are now so media savvy they can exploit the reality TV formula, writes Clare Buttner.
It will go down as the most controversial and talked about event ever on Big Brother. Last night’s evictee, Merlin Luck, caught the show’s producers by surprise with a silent protest in support of refugees being held in detention.
His mouth sealed with gaffer tape and holding a sign saying "Free th refugees" (the "e" fell off), Merlin bravely refused to take part in the question and answer session with host Gretel Killeen, following his eviction.
"This segment is five minutes long, are you going to speak at all?" Killeen asked. The audience, disappointed they weren’t going to get the show they’d come to see, began to jeer.
But when it became apparent Merlin wasn’t backing down, despite the audience’s disapproval and Killeen’s attempts to remind him of his “obligations”, he was removed from the stage."
His former housemates reactions? One said: "What a legend." Another said: "That was the best exit ever."