Sunday, May 17, 2020

Bandé-Gamboa: Revamping rare gems from Cabo Verde and Guinéa​-​Bissau

From Heavenly Sweetness: "Bandé-Gamboa is a project made up of two All-Star bands, created to reinterpret extremely rare or unreleased tracks from Guinéa-Bissau and Cape Verde, a project explicitly dedicated to the living memory of Amílcar Cabral, the intellectual force and strategist behind the independence of both countries, whose dream was to have them forever united.

The project was created by executive producer/DJ/digger Francisco “Fininho” Sousa and produced by Guts, with the aim of bringing to light musical compositions that either never had success despite their potential, or were never released at all.

The band comprises of only outstanding musicians from both Guinéa-Bissau and Cape Verde, mixing older and younger generations. The tracks from Cape Verde focus mainly on stretching the possibilities of musical languages within Funaná, and the tracks from Guinéa-Bissau are a modern take on traditional rhythm Gumbé, rarely seen in stages worldwide.

The album 'Horizonte - Revamping Rare Gems From Guinéa-Bissau and Cape Verde' is in-between a compilation and a band recording, joining the knowledge of decade-long research on the music of both countries with the talent and creativity of world-class musicians."

Out 12 June on CD/2xLP/digital

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