Saturday, September 21, 2019

Ring The Alarm playlist, September 21

Tony Allen - No accommodation for Lagos
James Brown - Shoot your shot
Reuben Wilson - Stoned out of my mind
Lyn Collins - You can't love me if you don't respect me
Jean Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert - Dream 106
S-Tone Inc - Rendezvous a minuit
La Creme De New York - Cisco kid
Ray and His Court - De eso nada monada
Gilberto Gil - Batmacumba
War - Cinco de mayo
Mandrill - Having a love attack
Richard Eriwata - Weekend
Collision - Run run run
Dalvanius - Who said that
The Supremes - Love is like an itching in my heart
Four Tops - Something about you
Ray Charles - You're just about to lose our clown
Inez Andrews - I hear music
Honeydrippers - Impeach the President
Cymande - Brothers on the slide
Yellow sunshine - Yellow sunshine
Omar with Erykah Badu  -Be thankful
Vin Gordon - Styler man
Blackjob - Queen in my empire
Coldcut with Roots Manuva - Beat your chest

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