Saturday, June 01, 2019

Ring The Alarm playlist, June 1

Julien Dyne - Teal
P-Bass Expressway - Easyride (Downtown Brown remix)
Lord Echo - That's right
Manuel Bundy - Jazzy bizz
Urban Disturbance - Robert Jane
IQU - Witchcraft
Scratch 22 - Shivani strut
Fat Freddys Drop - Flashback (Jazzanova mashed bag remix)
Mephisto Jones - Chocolate hot sauce
Benny Tones feat Mara TK - On my way
Untone Hifi - Hang on (UHF remix of the K.E.N remix)
Mr Reliable - Lucky dub
Plastic Junk - King prawn
Salmonella Dub - Problems (Sonsine remix)
The Yoots - E papa waiari
AceTones - Rolling like a Trojan
Jahlicious - Something (Beatlicks remix)
Riot Riddum Sound System - Homegirl
Nash Chase - Gimme a little sign
Leonard Charles - Clean as Mana

Some Daptone 45s to celebrate their 100th 45...
Sharon Jones and the Dap-kings - I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in
Saun and Starr - Blah blah blah blah
Menahan St Band - Make the road by walking
3 Titans - Life of a scholar
Como Mamas - Move upstairs
Charles Bradley and the Inversions - Watcha doing to me
Bob and Gene feat the Inversions - I can't stand these lonely nights
The Frightnrs - I'd rather go blind

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