Sunday, October 14, 2018

Real Groovy on the move? Current site being redeveloped as apartments report that the current site for Real Groovy, at 369 Queen St, has been listed as an apartment development by Conrad Properties.

"Conrad Properties Group is the company developing the apartments, the same group that built the apartments at the 438 Queen St site [Real Groovy's former home]. 

"Conrad Properties Group says on its website Queens Park Residences will have 111 units, 69 of which are pre-sold. One bedroom units would sell for at least $1 million .... Details about the development are limited but it appears the existing building will be retrofitted with apartments."

Real Groovy shifted out of 438 Queen St, at the end of 2015, to make way for a 226 unit apartment building. 

They took a 3 year lease (with a 6 month development clause) on the space formerly occupied in and office block by the Salvation army church. No official comment as yet from Real Groovy.

ADDED 19 Oct - Real Groovy have posted a survey on Facebook, saying "Hey dudes - we AREN'T closing btw. We might shift though! (next year). Can you let us know where you'd like us to shift - in this quick survey? Chur x"

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