Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Sister Sina (OMC) debut album drops soon

photo of Sina

Sister Sina is the one singing backing vocals on OMC's hit How Bizarre, and featured on other songs by them. She released her debut solo single Don't Be Shy (on Huh!) back in August 1998 (hit #2 on the charts and went gold), and recorded an album with Alan Jansson producing and co-writing, and featuring Manuel Bundy on the cuts.

Sadly the album got lost in the chaos of the Polygram takeover by Universal that year (although an advance copy got bootlegged in Thailand, apparently).

Now Simon Grigg of Huh! reports the album will finally get an official release in the next month or so, after 19 years. Titled 'Sina', the album will be the 1998 US mastered version - the original plan back then was to release it on Huh! in NZ and Motown in the US.

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