Monday, August 14, 2017

Salmonella Dub snubbed

Salmonella Dub, 2017
Salmonella Dub, 2017

Back in early August, I saw some comments pop up on Facebook on Salmonella Dub's official page, about the band getting dropped as NZ Music Hall of Fame inductees this year because their preferred band to cover them (Beat Rhythm Fashion) was rejected. "We are not welcome with Beat Rhythm Fashion as our choice of a seminal band to represent a Sal Dub tune.... There were other options but Beat Rhythm Fashion was our preference. We never got to the finish line."

The story has been picked up in the media, with Star Times/Sunday News reporting 'Dub snub! Salmonella Dub turn down Hall of Fame over clash with organisers.'

Acording to the story (no author credit online) "... The legendary dub band was approached to be given a Legacy Award at the New Zealand Music Awards in November and were told they could select a band or performer who had influenced them to perform at the awards ceremony ... organisers deemed their selection, Wellington post-punk band Beat Rhythm Fashion, too obscure for TV audiences and rejected it. In response, the band then turned down entry to the NZ Hall of Fame."

The story also says .... 'Frontman Andrew Penman refused to confirm the band's involvement in the dispute [despite confirming it on the band's Facebook page two weeks ago]. "Salmonella Dub are a young band not yet deserving of a legacy award. We feel it would be more fitting to be invited into the NZ music industry's award ceremony in 2043 when we celebrate our 50th birthday," Penman said in a statement.'

Flying Nun band The Clean have rejected the Hall of Fame accolade twice in the past five years. "I think when we were asked it just didn't feel right for us," said Robert Scott.

"We feel we are outside the industry, and in the past we were shunned and dismissed and it seems like by saying yes we would be forgiving the industry for that. Of course, with time they are proved wrong as our music has stood the test of time. It's a strange thing dealing with other people's perception of your music and what you stand for as a band."

Meanwhile Beat Rhythm Fashion have posted the Stuff story on their Facebook page, saying "With the number of people worldwide who own the Beat Rhythm Fashion Album and their 3 iconic singles we wonder what upset the NZ Music Hall of Fame) about BRF being selected by Salmonella Dub to perform one of their songs at their now cancelled induction.

BRF were originally post punk anarchist in direction but their music is hauntingly beautiful and timeless, and hardly offensive.

Check out their album on band camp and see if it offends you in the slightest." 

Salmonella Dub are planning shows this summer reuniting with former frontman/soundboy Tiki Tanne...

Salmonella Dub 25th anniversary tour featuring the return of Tiki Taane!
31st December 2017 | Mangawhai | Northern Bass (R18)
13th January 2018 | Christchurch | Hagley Park
3rd February 2018 | Taupo | Owen Delany Park

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