Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ring The Alarm playlist, June 10

James Bown - Time is running out
Lord Julien - Shades
Grover Washington Jr  -Masterpiece
Tina Turner -Whole lotta love
Barkays - Cant sit down
Otis and Carla -Lovey dovey
Jackie Wilson - Light my fire
Syl Johnson - Different strokes
Rufus Thomas - Sho gonna mess him up
 Lily Fields - Changes
Junior Walker - I'm a roadrunner
Shaladons  -We can do it
Barbara Lewis - I remember the feeling
The C.O.D.s - Michael
Ike Noble and the Uptights - That's what I get
Sidney Pinchback and the Schiller st gang - Soul strokes
Eddie Warner - Brutus drums
Sir Isaac and the Do-dads - The big dipper
Randy Maverick - Pure love
Joe Dukie & the Nextmen - Hold me now
Haggis Horns - Take it back (inst)
Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids - Tinoge ya ta'a ba
East New York Ensemble - Mevlana
Little Walter - It's too late brother
Bo Diddley - Gun slinger
Bacao rhythm and steel - Was dog a doughnut
Dexter Story - Wejene aola
Prince - Housequake

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