Saturday, April 08, 2017

Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - 'Year of the funky' album coming

I recall the first album from this duo, back in 2010, it was a great funky slab of goodness. This new biz sounds equally groovy. Single out now.

Via Legere Recordings: "Year Of The Funky" is the first single from the second album from Bei Bei (荷蓓蓓) & Shawn Lee, also called Year Of The Funky. After their debut collaborative album "Into The Wind" (Ubiquity Records, 2010), the Chinese guzheng virtuoso / composer Bei Bei and the prolific multi-instrumentalist / producer Shawn Lee (Robbie Williams, Amy Winehouse, Kelis, St. Etienne etc.) join forces again on 12 new tracks.

Year Of The Funky marries a unique blend of ancient tradition with studio trickery. Eschewing all notions of superficial "Asian/Fusion," this uplifting, genre-bending, and sophisticated sound brings together both East & West with musical aplomb. The new album continues as a logical progression from "Into The Wind". It ventures into both new tempos & moods while deftly connecting the past, the future and what lies beyond."

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