Friday, February 03, 2017

Walter Cornelius - debut EP Waco

From Cascade Records: "French born – London based, Walter Cornelius is a electronic-psychedelic bass producer/musician. Born in France, Walter has had a passion for drumming from the early age of 4, as well as a love for percussion, guitar and bass. At 18 he was accepted into the Lyon jazz Academy to further develop his skills as a drummer.

Within a group of friends, he is co-founder of the collective « l'Affect » created in 2014.Meanwhile, he develops his electronic productions Hip-hop, Trap & Dirty Beats, influenced by producers like Flying Lotus, EPROM, LTGL or The Great Dane.

Based in London for the past year, he is discovering a new city full of resources which obviously influences his style. He develops his producing skills by making multiple collaboration with artist from all over the world. Always improving his creativity, Walter's music is full of details - which makes every listen a new discovery.

His first Ep : WACO, is composed of 4 tracks. The work is full of influences and references Walter has developed in Lyon – while mixing them with a new UK style. The 4 tracks are then the result of Walter's artistic evolution in a new country.

They are nevertheless composed within an epic atmosphere made of powerful beats and strong ambience, which are Walter's own."  Out 27 January 

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