Monday, February 20, 2017

Cave Circles (Riki Gooch) new vinyl 12" out Feb 24

Cave circles 12 inch EP  cover art

Out soon on Welli label Rough Peel Records, check the individually hand painted covers: "Cave Circles is the main production name for musician, Riki Gooch (ex Trinity Roots, Fly My Pretties, Eru Dangerspiel).

After 20 years of performing music here and abroad, Gooch has always had a strong love of making music with machines. His latest release - My Heart Is A Beating Drum, is a 4 track, 12" release that sees Gooch explore the realms of techno with a faulty Drumtrax, some borrowed synths and the SP-404.

Drawing on musical influences as varied as soft-rock, jazz, country and dance, Gooch has presented his new work in the hope that people will dance with each other.

The release comes in the traditional 180gm 12" Vinyl format, with handmade artwork for each sleeve cover. Limited to 200 copies."

Preview the audio on Bandcamp (also name your price for digital)

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