Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dem Juju Poets 45

Check Watusi Fever, some cool flute bizz...

"Dem Juju Poets is the new alias of prolific German DJ and producer David Hanke aka Renegades Of Jazz and will henceforth be the primary outlet for his afro-driven music.

As a taste of what’s to come Dem Juju Poets has released two irresistible singles on French label Krimi Records, combining his various influences into a unique and original blend of irresistible afro-funk. 

“Voodoo Jazz” begins with an uptempo beat and raw guitar riff, later moving towards a jazzier mood with voodoo influences, a touch of electronics and additional scat. B-side “Watusi Fever” is a slice of magnetic afro-jazz enriched by superb drum lines and Hugo Kant's unmistakable flute skills. Watch out as Dem Juju Poets claims his rightful place in the afro-funk stratosphere!"

Out now on vinyl/ditial

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